Went to a psychic evening tonight....

Wait till you hear this.....the psychc lady came over to our table and said to hubby that a man and lady from the spirit world were congratulating him on a wedding, we got married last year. They also congratulated him on his new job, (which he also has). She asked me if we were trying for a child. I said yes, and that we had just lost one(i told her this). She said that it was a girl, and then said that I already had 2 boys(which I do). She then told me that I wouldnt have any more. OMG...in front of a room full of people. I was in tears. NEVER AGAIN. She said that I had fibroid in my RHS and that I only had one ovary working. Told me that that meant that only ovulated once every 2 months (as far as I know thats rubbish). I still stunned.....I only went cos hubby and his mum wanted to go. Im only just home and my first thought was to put it out there to all you ladies. I think im in shock....I cant believe I was told that. Told me to go to the doctors to have my ovaries checked.....Can you imagine the doctors face when I tell him why I want to be checked. My head examined more like. What a horrible night. Stupid psychic lady!!!x


  • My god, I can't believe she would say something like that! Poor you after what you've just been through.

    You are right though, what she said about your reduced chance with 1 working ovary. I just had an ovarian ectopic and had my right ivory removed, we were assured that the left one will take over and there is no reduced risk!

    I have a certain belief in some of these people but a good psychic would never make such wild claims or say something so negative to you in a room full of people!

  • g/c from din but just wanted to say how awful that is for her to say that too you image. A lady i worked with saw one of these a few years back and was told she would have children but don't expect a girl coz that won't ever happen. She can't carry girls. The lady was really upset coz she'd always wanted a daughter and now has TWO beautiful healthly daughter's! So what did she know lol image xx
  • Thanks for the replies ladies, tbh im gutted, I know thats daft, but I kept waking up during the night with an ache in my stomach and all I could think about was what she said. Personally I think that it was just cruel. I cant see why she had to tell me that. Stupid psychic lady!!!!! ( im calling her a lot worse at home). Thnx again ladies xx
  • Gosh what a bitch. I'd have had to say something to her. You should have tole her you'd already been checked and everything was in working order, that would have ruined the whole act for her!

    I can't believe people would be so cruel just to make their act look "good!" She's clearly never had a mc and I find some people are so stupid and ineducated about them they make my blood boil. If you can't have kids why did you conceive a couple months back? Just because it never worked out, your ovaries are clearly working perfectly fine!

    Just ignore her hun, silly, thick woman who obviously is too stupid to get a proper job so she spouts bollocks to pretend she's a psychic!
  • Oh mi god, this is so bad. A professional psychic never deals out bad news to a person as far as I'm aware. I wouldn't let this horrible lady get you down. I honestly can't believe it. What did your husband say? Have you spoke about it. Also wondering the only way to disprove it would be to go to the docs. I think you should not worry though and carry on as normal. I can imagine that it will take some time to not continually dwell on what she has said to you. I'm in utter shock that she would actually do that. What did she get from doing that to you. Grr x
  • hi there htta,I suppose she got a reaction, and attention. Hubby didnt say much...I think we were both so shocked. I keep telling myself its rubbish....I actually think im more shocked that someone could do that to another person for no other reason than shock value. I can see no other reason for her telling me that, and yes, its very hard not to dwell on it. Hope your doing ok and everything has settled down xx
  • Im a phychic tooo....i can tell that if any of us ladies ever see that 'stupid pshycic lady' we will slap her on your behalf! I can not believe that she would say that too you....!!!
    I reslly wouldnt believe her i can see why you would given that she was right about other things but seriously when you told her you had lost the baby she clearly saw an opptunity to increase her act! Stupid women she clearly has no understabnding of what something like that can do to a lady and i would be like you really worried and scared but objectively its obv its rubbish you have had 2 children and concieved another and im sure you will again! Grrrrr blood boil
    lots of virtual hugs
  • Bloody hell!! I cannot believe she did that. Coming over to you like that and delivering devastating news so flippantly. My goodness. I don't know what I would have done.

    I am very spiritual person and do not believe if she was a genuine psychic, that she would have said that to you. You mustn't believe her. Do not let her crush your hope - stupid bitch! Hate people like that! She has no right...

    You stay positive and just put this down to a bad night. xxx

  • Thankyou all for your comments. They have all made me smile. Im just going to carry on trying. Ive even bought ovulation sticks. I think she has made me more determined to prove that what she said was bollocks. Take care and thank you so much xxxx
  • What an absolute CROC.... I personally dont believe in any of that hocus pocus bullshit. She certainly didn't pass any tests on the tact front did she.
    DONT dwell on what she said they are in my opinion con artists......

    Chin up hun
  • G/C from DIN

    What a load of tosh ! U poor thing ! Please remember these people are very clever and manipulative, they are con artists, and they can read very subtle body language to their advantage. You gave her an inch by telling her something personal and she pounced on that for her own personal gain !

    So sorry this happened to you, please stay logical and don't believe a word this nasty person said to you ! xxxxx
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