Getting impatient

I had a MC at 6 weeks a month ago now. I just don't seem to feel any signs that AF is on the way - I usually get about a week of cramps before she arrives but have had nothing and also I have been using cheap OV sticks and haven't had a positive although I never know whether to trust them. I am just so impatient for AF to arrive so that I can reset my CBFM and start ttc again. Just wondered whether anyone else felt the same. I only bled for 5 days so hoped it wouldn't take too long to get back to normal.


  • Hi Emma

    I've found that after my mc's my af symptoms have always been different.
    I always used to get af pain a week or so before due on but then when we mmc 1st time it took 8wks for her to arrive. the 3rd one we had end of aug & I didnt get 1st af till nov & she just crept up on me with no warning im now on my 2nd one since mmc & again she just crept up, had some cramps went to the loo & there she was!!!

    It can sometimes take a litle while for your body to get back into a routine I think for most (speaking for myself) once i've had the 1st af the nxt ones pretty much fall into sync with my normal cycle.

    hope she doesnt keep you waiting too long xx
  • If it helps, since the erpc I have had no period pains at all - in fact the last af took me totally by surprise. They have also been much lighter than they used to be. My first real af after the erpc also took longer to turn up.
  • the 'arrival' of my first 2 F's after MC was completely different to usual, only the 3rd was normal. so make sure you have struff with you in case as she could creep up on you. my first one arrived *very* suddenly and heavily.
  • Hi Emma,

    I'm in exactly the same position as you, I had a mc at 6 wks a month ago and waiting for my AF, but I haven't used OPKs - klind of wish I had now though.

    I just want her to arrive so I can use my CBFM!

  • Hi and thanks for your replies. I had some cramps a night ago but nothing has happened yet. Rainbow - that's a coincidence that we are at exactly the same stage. I hope she arrives for both of us soon and we go on to have a sticky BFP too.
  • Hi I know exactly what u mean. I had mc 6 wks ago at 6wks n couldnt wait to try again. Me n my partner decided to try just 2wks from the day I started mc n only yesterday I found out I was preg again. So will keep my fingers crosse dfor u n hope every thing works out for us all. xx
  • LC2RED that is such great news. Many congrats and wish you a h&h 9 months!
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