F.A.O. Ellie300

Hi sweet, how's you? Just thought I would let you know that I used the CB digi predictor this morning, I'm CD15, but it was negative, odd, as last 2 months I have got the smiley on CD15. Maybe I will be later this month? Mind you, my period last month seemed heavier than normal and lasted a day or two longer. Will keep testing now, and see when the ol smiley appears! Hopefully tomorrow!

Take care, Zxx


  • Hi Z,

    Hope you get your smiley face soon. Not had mine yet but don't expect to get it until Sunday at the earliest. Are you still testing in the morning. Think I will start testing in the afternoon this weekend as I don't wish to miss the start of the LH Surge. Going to try to BD twice a day from when I get the smiley face. Is this excessive? I know SMEP says once a day but think it can't do any harm to BD more. Really hope I get my BFP this month. If not next month I would be testing on my first wedding anniversary. That would also be a nice time to find out I am pregnant. Good luck.
  • Hi Ellie

    No smiley again for me this morning. Odd! I hope it turns up soon. Is it possible to ovulate later than usual? Hope you doing ok. Have fun with the BDing! Zxx
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