could it be implantation????!

so i have a CRAZYYY symptom spotting question!!!

i am 5dpo and when i woke up this morning i had back pain all morning really low down in my bak, could this be implantation? maybe totally irational and im not 100% sure when implantation actually takes place but here is to hoping!!! i also had a 'strange' feeling earlier down that area of my tummy, dont no if it was because i was wanting to feel something going on but im sure i did.


  • It could be....?

    I read up on implantation today cos I had what I think is a bleed, the net generally says it happens btw 6-12dpo, but you could be a little early??

    Fingers crossed it is and this is your BFP - good luck xxx
  • Hi there. Could be early implantation, who knows. Keep up the symptom spotting, lol. Keeping my fingers crossed for your BFP soon! Zxx
  • hi hun, its all so uncertain aye..

    I have been having dizziness, tiredness, twinges in uterus and lower back pain, I think its still too early to test but I so want it to be my BFP..

    am dreading if my first AF shows up image

    good luck
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