Can some1 pick me off the floor....

I just got a BFP!! Im in total shock!! Said I wasnt going 2 test AF was a week late (Im cd32 2day). I just used an e-bay cheapy!!

I cant believe its happened this month!! As my post said yesterday we've been so busy , we didnt talk about it much and only managed 2 bd twice!! Im very nervous about ectopic again and I do have a pain in my left side, but surely it would be 2 early 2 feel anything??!! God, Im rambling now!!! xxxx


  • Congratulations matey!!!! Hope that some of your luck rubs off on the rest of us!!!!! Fantastic news!!!!! Wishing you a superduper sticky bean(i'm cd32 was too chicken to test this am!!)

    Jodie xx
  • Hi Jodie!! Thanks hun!! We're exactly the same cd!! I couldnt resist any longer!! The only things I noticed different were my (.)(.) were really sore and I couldnt stop peeing!!! When u going 2 test?? xx
  • Congratulations hunny
    I am so happy for you
    Wishing you a h& h 9 months
  • Was going to try and wait until friday if no AF - but i have been v naughty and have tested early a few times - so don't want to be deflated again. I think i might try again in the am if no AF (sorry luvvie - don't want to hijack this thread - it's your good news!!!! Absolutely fantastic)

    Jodie xx
  • Thanks Mrs C!! Ive posted on ur thread, I hope u r ok. Sending u a big hug!!

    Jodie-Ur not hijacking my thread!! Lol!! I hate seeing that BFN 2 but I so expected so see it this month and was sort of prepared 4 it!! I hope its a BFP 4 u.we would be due at the same time!! xx
  • OMG Wigzy that is great news im so pleased for you, had wondered were you had got too!!

    Are you gona do a CBD??? xxx
  • Congratulations!! That's fantastic news image

    I'm really pleased for you.

    I really hope this is a super-sticky-in-the-right-place bean for you :\)

    Like you said, 4 weeks is too early for pain related to an ectopic and it's not uncommon to have lots of niggly pains in early pregnany anyway. But I understand your concern after what you've been through.

    Will you get an early scan at the EPU?

    I look forward to you joining us over in Pregnancy when you feel ready!

    Love NN xxx
  • Thats absolutely fantastic. well done xx happy and healthy 9 months xx
  • oh wigzy that's great! i never remember your name but your avatar always sticks cus i love that pic from Shrek!! Do you mind me asking how many cycles it is that you've conceived again? sorry trying to boost my pma after AF arriving yesterday!!! xx
  • Woo hoo that is fab news!!!!

    I am so pleased for you! I think it's only natural to feel nervous after an ectopic but the chances of it happening again are very slim.

    Have you looked at the ectopic trust website at all, there is a forum for ttc and pregnancy after ectopic and they're brilliant as it's not that easy to find someone who has also had an ectopic before!

    This is such fantastic news and has really made my day, congratulations x x x
  • Wohoo Wigzy!! Really hoping its a sticky bean for you and a h & h nine months xx
  • congrats wigz! happy for you!
  • yay!!!! congrats!
    You're back here a day, and you get a bfp. The forum must be lucky at the moimage
  • Thanks for all your post girls!!! Im still in shock!!

    Laujai-going 2 wait a few days and do a CBD and hopefully see pg2-3 weeks. With the ectopic I only got 1-2 because my levels were low.

    NN-Yeah the EPU said the last time that I just phone them instead of going 2 the GP and I get a scan at 6 weeks.

    Rocky-soz 2 hear the witch got you!! I got this BFP on the 2nd month of trying again.

    MP-Thanks for the info hun, I'll have a look. How r things with u?

    gem-I would say the forum is very lucky!! We were so relaxed about it this month!!! xx
  • Congrats!! So glad to hear your happy news!
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