(Also posted in LTTC)- Conceive Plus- might be of interest x

Afternoon all image

I was reading my Boots mag yesterday and saw an advert for Conceive Plus http://www.conceiveplus.co.uk.

It looks really good and I've just ordered some one ebay for ??14 (inc delivery)......I'm feeling that anythings worth a shot now I'm trying Clomid :->

Emma xx


  • let us know if it's any good! i saw this a while ago but had just ordered pre seed and zestica so figured i needed to try what i'd already spent money on first! lol xx
  • Thank you for posting this. I never even knew these things existed!

    I have now looked at ConceivePlus, Zestica and Pre-seed.

    I can't decide which one to go for!!

  • I got my BFP after 13 months of TTC

    It was the first time we tried using pre-seed plus a moon cup!

    As soon as I recover from m/c and start to TTC again I will defo be using the pre-seed / moon cup combo!
  • Yes Rocky- I'll let you know how it goes- you do the same with the Zestica & I might switch next month!!!

    Mrs JB- I based my choice on the fact that Boots sell the Conceive Plus, so i thought that was good endorsement. I still don't really know if I need it, as don't suffer dryness (soz-TMI!), but with all the benefits and the fact that Clomid can change the quality of CM (sometimes making it hostile to sperm), I thought it was worth a shot!

    Now then Fairy- I have one of those moon-cups....somewhere from an eco-friendly moment I was having!!!! Might be obvious, but are you saying you put it in after BD'ing???

    Wowzer- think I'm just going to be giving that a shot anyway- beats legs in the air and getting cold/laughed at by DH

    Good luck to all image

    Emma xx
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