Why oh why

did I test.
Have been feeling sick and had a metallic mouth for the last couple of days so decided to use one of my SD tests this morning and was a BFN just like I expected but couldn't help myself.
It's only been 28 days since I had my mc confirmed and 10-14 days since i stopped bleeding, we have bd'ed a few times so there is a chance but just wish I hadn't tested


  • It's human nature to want to test, we've all been there. Don't beat yourself up about it, just try and stay positive, you never know... the cycle isn't over yet! xxx
  • hiya honey

    dont worry about it, we all do it. how have you been feeling? im still in first cycle after mc. i passed the bean on June 10th and didnt really bleed for very long only couple of days after that then just spotting. we bd'ed couple of times when ii thought i could be ov as i had slight pain (and loads of ewcm which ive never had before??? sorry tmi!)
    but for us it is still early days and things are still a bit emotional for me, i dont know about you? im just super sensitive about anyone who is pg or pushing a pram.

    i hope u feel better soon,

    H x
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