Can I pull up a chair?

Hi ladies, thought it would only be polite to introduce myself!

I'm Hannah, DH is Rich and we're fortunate enough to have a little girl, Rachel, who is now 14 months. Just waiting for AF to turn up so we can begin TTC number 2 (currently on CD65 :roll: ), and we're preparing ourselves mentally for a long wait. It took 30 months and 2 MC's to finally get that holy grail of a sticky bean, a day I was beginning to think would never come. My mum, dad's sister and nan all had problems with getting and staying pregnant, but as far as the doctors are concerned as I 'only' had 2 MC's, I wasn't entitled to any investigations or help, so it was a huge shock when I managed to carry Rachel to term, especially after having 2 bleeds in the first trimester.

We both really want a little brother or sister for Rachel, but I am incredibly nervous of getting back on the TTC rollercoaster, so if it's ok I'd feel much more comfortable in here than TFAB, in the hope that you might understand my more neurotic moments! :lol: And, of course, I hope I can help you guys out a bit as and when too.

Hugs and lots of sticky baby dust for us all!

Hannah xx


  • Hi hun and welcome!

    We are a lovely bunch so you are in good company!

    My name is Marie and my DH is Chris, we recently had an early mc and are waitin for the body to return to normal so we can ttc again. Initially fell pregnant on my 3rd cycle so very quick, hopin it will be as quick next time image

    MrsH xxx
  • Hi Hannah and welcome!

    I'm Rachel, I had ann ectopic pregnancy in September and this our 2nd cycle back ttc - i'm ovulating as we speak!

    The ladies in here are lovely and very support and totally understand that the enthusiasm of ttc isn't quite there when you've had the experiences we have.

    I know a lot of ladies take agnus cactus to help regulate very long cycles x x x
  • Thanks ladies! Might have to try agnus castus, there's nothing more frustrating than waiting for AF to arrive when you know you haven't done it this month.

    Hannah xx
  • Hi and welcome!

    I'm quite new to here, I had a mmc in January. I've just got my 1st AF and feeling positive about trying again now my body is feeling more normal again.
    Good luck with TTC x
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