Anything nice to look forward to this year (apart from...

..the obvious hopefully)?

Evening girls,

My OH and I have been chatting tonight about all the things we've got to look forward to this year as I was feeling down after the rotten start to what we thought was going to be a massive year for us, I mean, hopefully, we'll all get that BFP we want this year but does anyone have anything nice they're really looking forward to? It's really cheered me up and took my mind off things so thought I'd ask on here



  • What a nice post LM.

    We are going to Florida over the easter holidays.

    My oh has a friend who has a villa there & so my mum has booked flights for her, dad, sis, me, oh, my bro his gf & there son.

    So a nice big family holiday & only a couple of months to go really.

    Our little pup will have to go & stay at her other nanny's though & i'll miss her loads LOL wsh I could take her with us!!

  • Ooh Florida, lovely. I love big family holidays! I'm sure you'll have a great time. I loved Florida - only been once and it was a good few years ago but had a great time!

    We are going to Center Parcs (Me, my DH & DD) in Feb with my Mum, Dad, Sis, BIL, & nephew and again in May with my MIL & FIL. Not very exotic but great for weekends away!

    Also looking to book a week away at a posh hotel in Cornwall in May, It was going to just be the 3 of us but my Dad offered to take us to Cyprus to get over the mc (bless him) so we asked if they'd like to come with us - don't want to attempt a plane with DD just yet.

    So, I'm really lookin forward to all those things - and chatting to all you lovely ladies over the coming months!

    Hope you've all got things to look forward to xxx
  • hello,

    this is a lovely post - I think we all need something to look forward to.

    not got anyting booked as yet, but thinking about some little holidays - maybe disneyland paris or turkey . we had a big holiday last year so just want something cheapish this year - as we will hopefully have to get lots of baby things this year!

    we cant go away until end of April as we have no leave left - had 5 weeks off on the trot last july/aug for our wedding and honeymoon - it seems like ages away so I really cannot waitto have a bit of a break.

    Laujai - Floride is fab! went about 10 years ago. you will have a ball!!!

    LuckyMuumy - Ive never been to centre parks but always wanted to. whats its like? can you recommend a particular one?

    I dont think Im going to get any work done now - Im going to be on the web looking for holiday deals!!!
    x x x
  • When I was in hospital and the Anaesthetic was being administered the doc said to me "think of something you are looking forward to"
    At the time I remember thinking that I had nothing to look forward to, which made me cry!

    However, that is not really the case. We are in the middle of moving which in itself has not been easy. We are on our 3rd buyer and 3rd house but (please God) things are moving along. Hopefully we'll be moved in a few weeks. I am keeping myself occupied by looking at sofas and floors etc as the house decor is currently circa 1982!
    So that in itself is a lovely thing to look forward to. My mum has told me to concentrate on making the new house a lovely family home and things will follow when my body is ready. I hope she's right!

    Girls your holidays sound fab. I would love to be going off somewhere for a few days.

    Have a great time! x
  • I've not got a holiday booked for this year and I think we're going to hold off booking one at all this year. But we are going to a wedding in Ireland and spending 3 days there in 3 weeks. Not quite a holiday but we've been buying tickets for nights out, i've got 4 comedians to see this year so far and also a TV phsysic. And lastly we're overhauling the garden this year, we moved house in Feb last year and have now finished doing up the house (which had the original kitchen from 1964!! and a lovely peach bathroom) so we're moving onto the garden, can't wait!!

    Hope everyone else enjoys their holidays and activities xx
  • What a great thread - just what I needed!

    We are going to the Lakes for a week in February, and then in April we are having our garden redesigned - new lawn, new borders, the works. Plus I have finally decided that yes, I DO want to do the crochet course I have been coveting, so I am going to start that ASAP!! And (although hubby doesn't know this yet) I am determined to do something with our kitchen - it's doing my head in!

    I suppose the big thing I need to do this year is find myself a NICE school to work in part time. I don't want to go back to full time (so much stress!) and actually being part time supply has helped me and hubby enormously and we have lots more quality time together as I am able to do all those boring errands during the week, plus I'm not working every weekend and evening! But I miss having my own class and miss the company of lots of ladies in the staff room. So that is my big thing for 2010 (apart from the obvious, obviously!)
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