at last

hi girls at last 44 days after losing my baby af arrived i was quite glad to see her as it made me feel a little back to normal , me and my oh have decided to try again but not stress if it doesnt happen as im 40 and my oh 42 .and just be thankful for our 2 little boys , its been good to see some bfps baby dust to you all . thank you for your support as we didnt tell anyone and you girls are the only ones i can ask advise from hope we all get our bfps soon xx


  • Hi, so sorry to hear of your loss. It is a bit of a relief when the ol AF turns up again. I felt like that too. Like you, we are trying again (had a mmc in March), but trying not to stress too much about it, however I am desperate to be a mum... (I'm 36). We are following the SMEP plan. Take care, Zxx
  • awww sorry to hear of your bad does make you feel like your getting back to being a woman when the af's are back up and running...i'll make a wish and fingers crossed it will work xx
  • Im new here, but im 40 also and having a mc at the moment. Just wanted to wish you all the luck
    in the world xx
  • Glad AF has arrived and things are getting back to normal for you! Good luck with the BD'ing, hope you get a new sticky bean soon xxx
  • thank you ladies for your very kind words i hope all our wishes come true soon x
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