Will this be enough????

Hi ladies, some advise please......

This is my first proper month of ttc after my ERPC which was 7 weeks ago now.

According to some calculations (although I'm not sure how accurate) Iam due to OV on either Saturday or Sunday...
As DH has been working nights all week I set my alarm for 04:00 hours this morning (thats the time he gets in) so we could BD before i was up for work at 0700 hours. I plad to BD again on Saturday morning and Sunday but my question is
I really want to be lucky this month as it would be nice to get pregnant on my first attempt of trying. Does anyone think I,m being too optamistic?


Shell xxx


  • Yes hun that should be enough. We got our BFP last time by only bd'ing once 3 days before.

    What I will say though is be aware that your cycles may have changed and you may not ov at the weekend. My first af after ERPC came exactly 28 days after. I always had a 28/29 day cycle so thought this was great. I am now on cd33 and nothing. I have tested and BFN. I have posted about it and it seems very common.

    Lots of luck xxx
  • I certainly don't think you're being optimistic! In our first month of ttc after erpc we bd'd once and that was on the day I got smiley on ov stick, had a silly argument with hubby the next day and didn't bd again and got myself all worked up about it. 10 days later i got a bfp!! I'm now 6+1! So once was all it took for us. Good luck xx
  • Shelley....you are one commited lady!!Setting the alarm for 4am! I really do hope it pays off for you image I am a lady who likes my sleep! ......mmm actually will have to get used to getting up at 4am on a daily basis if I get a BFP soon so maybe its good to get practice in!
    Looking forward to 2 weeks from now when you annouce BFP! Fingers crossed xx
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