Ovulating already???? UPDATE

Hi guys im hoping some of you may be able to help me i am a little confused as to what my body is upto. I miscarried 2 weeks today, bled for 7 days and got negative test on the sun. I then started to get some signs that i was ovulating again this weekend which i thought wouldnt happen til i got my first AF. Anyway curiosity got the better of me and i bought OPK which came up Positive so did another HPT to make sure it wasnt confused with hormones in my body this was still negative so have started TTC for the last couple of days just incase but think that my body is playing tricks on me and that i couldnt actually get pregnant until after the first AF. Please help!!!!!:\?:\?:\?

ZLS23 - Im glad day 1 went ok it was always going to be the hardest but stay strong xxxx

Ok guys i am now really confused as to what my body is trying to tell me as i am still getting + OPK this is now the 7th. They started off really dark got lighter towards the middle of the week and today i just thought i would do one to see if surge had gone and really dark again!!! I did another HPT and this was negative so i know its not the hormones left over from my m/c just not sure what is going on!!! Think i am just slowly becoming addicted to POAS!!!! Anyone else gone through this or know what might be going on?????

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  • it is possible, how far along were u when u mc? xx
  • Yep I agree with Rocky you can ov at anytime after a mc hun. xxx
  • Hi rocky_kiz i was 9 weeks xx
  • Rocky's right hun, as it is possible - quite a few women get pg straight after a mc, good luck sweetie

  • Thanks guys thought i was going mad!!!!
  • Good luck let me know how you get on!! Im hoping I ovulate quick.
  • leanne79, I had exactly the same thing happen to me. I had my MC at almost 11 weeks. It took me almost 5 weeks to get a negative PG test. Once I got my negative test I started using OPK tests to try and work out my cycle, I used the cheap SD tests and for three testing every third day I was getting a strong positive..... I was getting really worried about it. I decided to buy the clearblue digital tests and straight away I got a negative result I am testing every day and still getting negative results, I think it is difficult to read the two lines you get on the cheap tests, the digital tests just shows a smiley face when positive. So glad I changed as I can relax now. I would recommend trying the CB digital test. Hope this helps.
  • By the way I have just ordered some CB digital OPK off amazon, they were only 13 pound, half price than in boots and superdrug!!!!!!! Bargin!
  • Hi Leanne, didn't want to read and run. Bodies are strange aren't they, would be easier if they were all the same so we all knew where we were. I have no idea if I have hormones raging around still, will try a pg test to get a negative prob next weekend. Still scared TTC again tho. Zxx
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