When to try again

First a little bit about myself as Iam new to this forum...

on May 26th (nearly 3 weeks ago) I went for my very first dating scan, at 12+3 having fallen pregnant for the first time. What should have been the most exciting day of mine and my husband's life soon turned in to a nightmare as no heartbeat could be found for my little Smartie who was dated at no more than 9 weeks.

On May 28th I had an ERPC. Following this I bled quite heavily for approximately 4 days and then stopped completeley. About a week later I took a HPT which was still showing positive and then noticed spotting (nothing that could be described as a period) which just wont go away.

I'm really confused as I want to start trying again but want to wait for at least one cycle before doing so but until this spotting stops I dont know when that will be.....

Can anybody advise as Iam slowly going out of my mind and feel that my body is playing cruel tricks on me leading me to believe that Iam pregnant when I am not :\(


  • I had a natural MC, so a little different to your experience. I bled for 2-3weeks afterwards, then started trying again when my bleeding stopped, without waiting for a period. At the time I was just desperate to be preg again, but looking back I'm not sure I was ready and was glad it didn't happen then. In the end I had 3 periods before I got preg again. It's natural to feel you want to try as soon as you can, and I know some girls in here have got pg straight away and are doing well, so might be able to advise you. But for mer personally, I'd say wait at least on period unless you're sure you're ready.

    Good luck whatever you decide.
  • Thanks Gemma for that. I want my body to get back to normal so hopefully will get my period back as soon as possible. Never thought I would hear myself say that I want my period back lol image
  • Hi Shelley. I know how frustrating it is waiting for your body to settle down after an ERPC. I had bleeding for a few days after mine which then stopped, but started again a few days later and lasted for about 10 days (seemed alot longer!). Hang on in there honey it will get better I promise. XXSara
  • Thank you all for your replies.... It really helps knowing that others have been through what Iam going through

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