For anyone who has had an ectopic pregnancy

how long did it take you to get your next bpf?

I'm on my 4th cycle since we started ttc again. I had 2 does of methotrexate which I know can affect the tissue in the eggs for a while after. My baby would have been born on the 24th May, can't believe it's come around already.

I just need some positive stories and lots of them!

Hopefully next time I post I may be a positive story myself! x x


  • Hi MP
    Im sorry cant help you with ectopic pregnancy but i just want to wish you the very best of luck & im sure it wont be long before we are reading your positive story.
    I understand how you feel about your due date coming up but try & keep yourself busy that day.
    Hugs Annette xx
  • I was very quick. I didn't have the injection I had my tube removed though. The op was the 22nd September, I got AF 36 days later (as is normal for me) and got BFP on 26th November (I think!) but got it very early on 8DPO

    Good luck xxx
  • Hi MP

    Just wanted to send you my love. I just know that you wont be waiting long lovely & well soon be reading your BPF post xxx
  • No ectopic for me but I couldn't not reply. Wishing you all the luck in the world and a fast, sticky bfp. xx
  • Thank you ladies, you're all so lovely and i'm desparate to join you over here!

    I'm 5dpo today and ahve been to the loo and there were 2 tiny brown spots that weren't there before. I'm praying that it's a bean implanting! x x
  • No ectopic for me hon but I can share a lovely success story of a friend!
    She had an ectopic 3 years ago and was obviously devastated. She lost a tube. Within a year she was announcing her pregnancy. She had a gorgeous little girl who is now just 14 months and is due her second in the summer!!!
    Quite a turnaround. She thought it would never happen but it did and will happen for you too.
  • Thank you so much Mrs DAO, I am feeling like it's never going to happen so hearing stories like this are so so good to hear.

    In the meantime I am keeping myself busy by painting my name plaques and keepsake boxes for lots of other peoples little ones! x x
  • MP we have a seat saved here for you.

    Am keeping everything crossed for you hun.

    I do know lots of success stories from ectopics (tube removals) ladies on here who have there babies now hun.

    It is gona happen, I know we hate this when were ttc but always the months we didnt think about it for all of our pg that's when they happened!!!

  • I'm just resigbed to fact what will be will be so hopefully that will do the trick! x x
  • just to ay that i have my fingers crossed for you hun! (popped in for a bit of a gate crash session! lol) xx
  • Thank you Rocky! same you you too! I love coming over here to see all the positive stories! x x
  • Hi MP

    Wishing you lots of luck and sending lots of babydust. I had an ectopic just under 2 years ago and had a tube removed. When we started trying for another it took 4 cycles to conceive and am now 30+3wks. Try to stay positive.

  • Only just seen this Angiebaby, thank you so much for posting! I love hearing positive outcomes-congratulations on your 3rd trimester bump!

    I'm on my 4th cycle, af due today or tomorrow so hopefully it will be as lucky for me as it was for you!X X
  • I had an ectopic at the end of June last year and needed a tube removed. I had to wait 3 months after op to allow for healing but then fell pregnant again first month of trying. I'm now 31+3. Hope you get your NGO soon xxx
  • Hi MP, just had to reply and send you all the baby dust I can gather! I didn't have an ectopic but I did get my next BFP on my 4th cycle after the mc so hopefully number 4 is lucky for you too, really hope you join us soon sweetie! xx
  • Hi MP, just wanted to say how much I valued your help and advice recently with regards to ectopic. Stay positive and I wish you all the luck in the world, SENDING LOTS OF BABYDUST XO
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