Has anyone used CBD Ovulation Kit????

Hi guys

Sorry another cheeky post here having come over from TTC after MC!

Has anyone used the CBD Ovulation kit? I know alot of you girlies have used the CBFM and rave about it, but was thinking of just giving the OPk's another go before investing in a CBFM. I only used some cheapy opk's last month - infact the 1st time that i had ever used opk's and just wondered if anyone had sucess with the CBD kit? Any BFP's after using them??

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!


Jodie xx


  • Hi Jodie

    Yes I used them before my 3rd and 4th BFP.

    My cycles have always been very regular but it was nice to have the 'confirmation' that I was ov'ing when I thought I was.

    I really recommend the CBD ov kit as it's so much easier than trying to decipher the darkness of a line!

    Good luck :\)

    Love NN xxx
  • Hey,

    My opinion is different in that im not a fan of OPKS - when i had my mmc i had got pregnant 1st month trying so didnt give a second thought to ovulation and fertile times i then waited a month for my af to return and 6 more for this BFP making me really paranoid something was wrong...

    I tried the clearblue digital sticks in June and got disheartened seeing the blank circle each day and it was impossible to use them at the same point so i stopped after 4 days when i thought i would have been 'fertile' i became worried i wasnt ovulating so in Septemeber i decided to try them again (i had had blood tests at my gps which indicated i had prob ov'd the previous month but i wasnt convinced and had been thinking of shelling out for a CBFM too) anyway that month i tired them from CD 8-17 i think or something like that same time each morning (previously i had tried the afternoon) and again i just got blank circles and while i hoped it was a case of missing the surge i was convinced it was because i wasnt ovulating but in october instead of af i got my BFP so clearly i did ovulate afterall so i would say try and not get too hooked up on the stresses of are you arent you and just do plenty of Bding that month we did it from CD 5-Cd24 'just incase' although not everyday lol whereas before i think i was focusing more days 8-17 so you never know....

    If you want to give them a go you have nothing to lose and may just get that confirmation but i know they made me really quite depressed and worried and so i wont use them again...
    Good Luck....


  • Thanks for you replies ladies, think i will get some to use this month. Anthing that will give me a "leg up" has got to be worth a go!!

    Jodie xx
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