Did anyone have 2 or more miscarriages ?


Have any of you had 2 or more miscarriages then a successful pregnancy?

I've had a M/C at 7 weeks in December, waited for 1 AF then a Chemical Preg at 4 wks 5 days on 1st March.

If any of you had a Chem pg how long did you wait before ttc again?

I'm just at a loss and wondering what is wrong with me! Any messages of hope would be appreciated xx


  • Hi there

    Just gatecrashing as I sometimes pop in to see how old friends are doing.

    Anyway, wanted to say that there is hope :\)

    I had 3 mc's in 2008/2009 and now, as you can see from my avatar, we have a beautiful baby daughter who is almost 12 weeks old image

    We had all the recurrent mc tests and everything came back ok but for my next pregnancy I was on high dose folic acid and low dose aspirin.

    I know it can feel like there's no hope and that you'll never have a baby but don't give up hope and keep believing that it will happen :\) Sadly, recurrent mc is all too common.

    Good luck and I really hope your next pregnancy is successful.

    Love NN xxx

  • Hi I had 2 children with no pregnancy complications then 2 mc in succession in Feb and April 2006. I then went on to have another baby who will be 3 next week. Unfortunately, I am having another miscarriage at the moment as there was no heartbeat on our scan yesterday.
    I don't know if it made a difference but I took low dose asprin with my last successful pregnancy and wish I had again this time.
    Please don't give up hope - I have no idea what has caused my mc but am so glad I tried again for my 3rd child as she is such a delight and so worth it x
  • HI sweetie - I was the other way round from you, I had a chem preg last June we started TTC straight away and fell the 2nd cycle but lost that bean at 6+3 that time we decided to give ourselves a break for a cycle but fell on the next and I'm now 23+2 and all is going well in fact as I'm typing my little hedgehog is kicking away to remind me that all is good! I hope that it's 3rd time lucky for you too xx

    NN just have to say how gorgeous your wee girl is! and how amazing that she's 12 weeks already xx
  • Thanks DM! image

    I know, the time is just flying by and she's changing so much everyday. And I can't believe you are over 23 weeks now! That's fantastic and I am so pleased everything is going well :\) Do you know the colour of your bump or are you having a surprise!?

    Love NN xxx
  • Hi i had 3 miscarriages one in feb last year, one in july and one this feb (almost to the day of the year before) I had almost given up but i tried acupuncture and now i'm 30 weeks pregnant!

    I truly believe that acupuncture helped me x
  • NN I'm having a surprise - even if we wanted to know baby was uncooperative at the scan and took alot of prodding to get out of its hedgehog roll (hence the new nickname!) I love being pregnant but can't wait to meet my LO especially when I see such cute lil babies.

    Louliv where are you in your cycle? Hope you get your sticky BFP soon xxx
  • Hi girls,

    thanks very much for your replies! Gives me a bit of hope.

    I am on day 15 of my cycle, should be ovulating about now I think ( not testing with OPKs this month, trying to chill).

    Anyway I went to the docs last week and he took bloods which all came back fine so he is going to refer me to the specialist who will do other tests....

    I have read a lot about low dose aspirin and how it has helped many women, I am taking pre natals this month and now taking 75mg of aspirin, don't think it can do any harm!

    We'll see what happens, am feeling a bit more positive I just hope that this NEVER happens again!!


  • Glad your getting some tests done - hopefully they will be give you some reassurance. I was told by the midwife at Early Pregnancy Unit that she'd seen lots of ladies who had 1 or 2 MC's but had seen only few who'd had 3. Sadly they are more common than people think.

    I didn't use any OPK's at all just had lots of sex!! From end of AF week we had sex every night for 4-5 nights then every 2nd night until next AF that way knew I was covered. Fingers crossed for you for this cycle xxx
  • thanks, yeah we're just taking it as it comes this month, no testing etc just lots of sex whenever we want. No pressure. We'll see if it happens this month, if it doesn't though, there is always next month!!

    Just hope if and when i get pg again all goes well thats the most important thing! xxx
  • I had 2 mcs and am now 36+3 - so yes it does stick. My first was in Oct, the following in May and I fell pg again in July. Each time I just waited until I got a negative test. Good luck
  • hello

    i had a chem preg in sept 2008 and an mc in nov as we got pg straight away. it took a while to get pg agaion, but we did wait to ttc again and then with pcos it took added time, and am now 40 weeks with a baby that was conceived ion the EDD of my little lost bean from mc.

    my friend had 2 mc last year and decided to go back on the pill for a while. she came off it in dec and has just had her 12 week scan.
  • Hi i had a miscarriage in July 2008 and then another in October 2008, i went on to have an ectopic in August 2009 which resulted in me having to have my right tube removed, i was then lucky enough to fall pregnant 2 weeks later (much to the consultants surprise) and am now 30 weeks and 3 days pregnant with my very special yellow bump.
    We were lucky and had a doctor that referred us for all the tests after the 2nd miscarriage and everything came back clear, they said that it was just bad luck but with this pregnancy i have taken baby aspirin for the whole time, i will be stopping taking it at 34 weeks.

    Good luck and keep the hope up, we kept trying and stayed positive through everything that we went through, it was hard but it got us to where we are now. xxxx
  • Hello! Can't give you the baby after two miscarriages story I know you're hoping for I'm afraid as am in similar position myself. Miscarried in December and again right now. But what I will say is I've read so many amazing stories on here that are making me feel better already. Chances are it was just bad luck for us both and next time will be fine but I've decided to insist on testing now. If I have to sit on the gp's floor until he writes the referral I will! If it will make you feel more confident next time I'd advise you to insist too. Hopefully everything will be ruled out but at least you'll feel you did something positive and can try again with confidence. I also wanted to recommend a book I just bought: miscarriage what every woman needs to know by lesley regan. It's very positive and full of useful info that I can go armed with to my gp. Hope it all works out for you. Just wanted to let you know that even before you get the good news we all want you can turn it around and find some strength from useful books and other people's wonderful stories. Skye. X
  • Hi,
    I've not technically had 2 mcs, but i had a stillbirth in Sep 09 at 27 weeks, I then had a chem preg (5+2) at the end of December and fell pg again in January without having a period in between. I'm now 12+3 with twins and keeping my fingers crossed!! Anyway, to answer your question, after the chem preg we didn't wait at all and got our BFP the following month. Good luck, I'm sure you'll get your sticky bean soon xx
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