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Great news!!!

That's great news Jen congratulations.

Try anything ginger, whether it's biscuits, cake or a women i knew used to eat stem ginger out of jars!

I used to get quite nauseous and found eating little and often helped keep it at bay.

Hope it goes well.

Zoe x


  • Congratulations Thats great news!!!

    I had quite bad morning sickness with Amber and found iced water and boiled sweets really helped. It really is mrent to be a good sign though!!

    Again congratulations xxxx
  • Congratulations!!!!!!

    I had awful morning sickness with Cameron, and like Zoe i found if i ate little and often it helped to ease it.

    Take care of yourself and enjoy your pregnancy!!!
    Dawn xx
  • Congratulations

    neausa is a good sign!

    ginger is great! raw ginger worked for me, i just peeled it, aand cut it into matchstick peices
  • Congratulations! What great news, I am very happy for you. I had terrible sickness with both of mine and I found that I had to eat before I had anything to drink first thing, still helps now and I am in week 22. Keep a stash of biscuits, ginger nuts or something plain like rich tea, to nibble on if you start to feel bad. Eat when you can and don't worry too much about eating healthily, eating at all can be a bonus! And check up what you are to avoid. Here's to a short period of sickness and a happy pregnancy!
  • same as what every one else said really, i never found anything that got rid of it. ginger did help thou
  • Congratulations, you must be so happy!
    I had morning sickness to and it is true about ginger, it really helps!
  • Hurray, congratultions to you!!!!
    Heres to a happy and healthy pregnancy.
    I agree with the others about ginger. It great.
    Do you know how far gone you are?
    Speak soon
    Kas xx
  • With my pregnancies i've always gone to the doctors about a week or two after finding out. It's then up to them when they book to see a midwife.
    I don't know if it's the same round you but scans are taking a while to come through so it may be worthwhile booking in early.

    I hope you're felling well!
  • I'd go with what Tasha said, go and see your doctor, some like to re-confirm it, others take your word for it, and get yourself in the system, booked at a hospital, midwives etc etc. There can be problems with waiting lists for scans so the sooner you are in the system the better.
  • congratulations hun well done. I ate ginger biscuits before i got up every morning and they seemed to work for me i did get terrible morning sickness that lasted til about 11 weeks i even couldn't stand being out in the car because the motion of the car would make me sick. Hope you have a healthy pregnancy
  • Hi ya
    Ginger buscuits helped me,altho i hated anything ginger at the time.

    Emma xx
  • Hi ya
    Hope all goes well for you and that you feel alot better than exhausted all the time.

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