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i had an urge

to do a test, but as im not due til saturday for af thought dont be so silly, but did one anyway

but omfg, what did i see? 1 strong pink line and a very faint pink one next to it :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

i cant believe it, im going to do one in the morning just to check!

xx what a fab new years present!


  • Oh My Goodness Claire how exciting thats fab!! Was it a clear blue? If a tests inconclusive tomorrow try a clear blue one as for some people they can show a positive 5 days early, Good luck! xxx
  • no, it was a poundland test haha ive used them un the past and can rely on them,

    im going to do another in the morning jus to be sure

    but its there and the line is pink, so pretty much am!
  • WOW Claire - thats fab news! Will be sure to check tomorrow for a final confirmation.

    You'll have to share your tips
  • Claire,

    I really hope it is positive for you tomorrow too, that is great news for you to start the New year with.

    XX Zoe XX
  • Exellent News Claire!!

    Got my fingers crossed for you!!!!
  • Brilliant news Claire, what a great way to start the new year xx
  • Wow, that was quick!!!!!
    Really hope tomorrow's test is positive too.

    Good luck xx
  • Oh Claire, that's amazing, so quick! You MUST let us know what the second test says!
  • omg Claire,
    what a fantastic surprise.
    you must be so excited!! Good luck with the test tomorrow, and let us know what it says.

    fingers crossed
    Kas xx
  • Claire, I'm soooooo pleased for you.
    How lovely to start the new year with news like that.

  • hoorah im definetely pregnant did another poundland yesterday and faint faint pos did a tescos today and aclear positive

    i took this pic as soon as the line appeared - its alot stronger now
  • So pleased for you, i think you can definitly say you are pregnant xx
  • Congratulations Claire!!

    I am really pleased for you!!!! (and slightly jealous too!!)

    I hope everything goes well for you!!

  • Huge congratulations claire!!!!!!

    Good luck with the pregnancy xxx
  • Wow Claire, how fantastic , so pleased for you. It's a nice age gap there's almost three years between Jack and Charlotte. Enjoy it!

    Zoe xx
  • Congratulations Claire. Thtas fantastic, have you told Robert yet?

    hope your pregnancy is a smooth and happy one.

    yay, cant wait to hear about your pregnancy. You should contact pp and ask if you can do a pregnancy diary.

    Kas xx
  • Claire - that is fab news and so quick. Hope i'm that quick.

    Congratulations!!! can't wait to hear all your stories throughout your pregnancy
  • Cogratulations Claire! Really pleased for you. Hubs has been back for Christmas, so we have been trying for our 2nd, hope it works, will find out next week. Hope I have the date thing right?

    Lol. marie. x
  • Thank you ladies so much for ur congrats

    its still not sunk in properly yet

    i think once tonight passes and my af hasnt shown up i'll defo believe it then
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