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Hi all,

My little boy is 14 months old now and I finished breastfeeding at about 13 months. I had one af just before I stopped bfing which lasted 2 days and was very light but I haven't had one since - am now on day 49 and getting v frustrated as we were hoping to start ttc no 2 soon! I was wondering if anyone else had erratic cycles after they stopped bfing? Any advice to get them going again?




  • I stopped breastfeeding at 8 1/2 months and had my first af a week or so later - it lasted three weeks! I was quite erratic after that, I;ve always had a 30-32 day cycle but after stopping bf they were about 35 days and one was 56! I'm afraid I don't have any advice on regulating your cycle but I did get my BFP 6 months after stopping breastfeeding (but only 4 afs), and after only one month of trying - and despite my cycle being a bit all over the place and always more than 28 days, they actually put me ahead 5 days at my dating scan.

    Sorry, not very constructive, but just wanted to say that you don't need af to return to normal to ttc - I thought it might take a while too as things hadn't settled down, but it didn't!
  • Hi Em, g/c a little here! I'm over in the TTC as well as here in toddler so thought I would pass on some info! Some of the girls with very irregular afs take Agnus Castus (you can get it in boots/Holland & barrett etc). Its designed to help regulate af and the LP, so might help you both to bring on af and to then regulate it.

    Hope that helps hon! Kel
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