Hello there,

New to this board and thought I would introduce myself. I'm Nicola, got married in July and we're hoping to start ttc around June/July. In the meantime, I'm reading all I can in preparation for that time!

Hope to chat to you all sometime soon,


  • Hello
    I'm new too, looking forward to getting to know people and getting some handy tips for when I'm ttc. I'm trying to read as much as I can as well I'm an obssesive planner by nature hahaha :lol:

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  • Hi and welcome
    This is a great site to get to know people and share stories and ask anything etc...

    I am Gem,we are planning baby number two,we already have a little one who is 15 months image

    Gem x
  • Hello!!

    Im new too...although i joined in december lol i've just started to look on the forums now. Im a bit obsessed with planning and being prepared for everything so this website is perfect!

    Im ttc my first baby from July, good luck to you :\)

    x x x
  • Hello!

    I got married last July Nicola - it seems like only yesterday though! Hope you have an amazing wedding and good luck TTC! So much excitement!

    MrsMtobe - I'm an obsessive planner too, and so glad I'm not the only one! I drive my hubby mad with it! First the wedding, now babies even though we're not TTC yet - I have lots of books from car boots etc already!

    Bless him though, he has got some supplements to take to help fertility and healthy conception after I suggested it and told him it takes 3 months to produce sperm to when they are "used". I really didn't think he'd go for it as he thinks I try and control everything too much, whereas he's far more laid back. So surprised! I think he'll do anything for a baby though.

    Hope to talk to you all soon! xxx
  • racheybaby123 Hahah that made me laugh so much...im exactly the same, these poor men- we're lucky they put up with us! But i guess this is the easy part for them, it will be a million times worse when were pregnant with hormones flying around!

    x x x
  • Hi everyone!

    I do like to plan too - not obsessive, just a 'thinker' ;\) Gem - a 15 month old, you must be busy! I swing from being uber broody to wondering whether I'm ready to make such a big step. My husband just goes with the flow. Good luck to us all! Racheybaby, I think I remember your user name from YAYW? July seems like yesterday, raging I'm no longer a newlywed!

  • Yep she keeps me very busy and now she is walking there is no stopping her lol but I love her this age, she has her own little personality image

    Gem x
  • lol I've been planning the wedding for over 2 years and I moved onto planning our newlywed life including when we would start trying for babies about 6 months ago. My other half is going to be taking supplements as am I, he didn't seem convinced but I know he'll do it!
    Gem, your little one looks gorgeous and so happy :\) x
  • Yes, I was on YAYW with the same user name! Loved the July brides - lots of lovely people to get stressed/excited with. I am also not too happy about no-longer being a newly wed!

    Lol - I keep reminding hubby that if he thinks I'm bad now, I will be far worse when PG and more hormonal than usual! I think he's used to me by now, but we'll see how bad I get...! xxx
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