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OK Confused.Com - Need to ask Q's??

Hi girlies, am confused again yes I know it doesn't take much!!! :lol:Anyway i thought seen as how some of the ladies on here have 1st hand experience in planning a baby that you could share you expertise with us :\? first timers!!So here are my questions as I am going to be getting down to it ha ha in 5 weeks time and so now I am researching and asking questions about conceiving.1) What is a luteal phase and how do I work mine out, my CB calendar says I have a 35 day cycle, I have tracked 4 cycles and 3 I came on each time the date the calendar give me, 4th cycle last month lasted half a day and then went MIA.???? Am i too assume if I dont get AF on 17th November that i am having irregular cycles?????? Can I still start trying if I dont get an AF??Sorry if i sound a dunce I probably do but it has taken me some time to get my head around the basics of conception and now I have to deal with all these abbv, symptoms etc I just find it all a bit overwhelming to be honest.2) Should I buy different brands of pg tests as at the moment I only have CB Digital conception tests, so should I be stocking up on boots, superdrug etc?3) What is zestica and preseed, where do you buy and it what does it do etc?4) How can I find out when i am ovulating without using OPK's and a CBFM as hubby doesnt want us doing all that just good old fashioned BDing but am frightened if I dont know when i am ovulating I wont get pregnant!Ok ladies those questions will do for now ha ha :lol: Thanks for reading and look forward to your opinions etc, thanks for your support xx


  • Ok, i'll try and help, ladies if I get anything wrong, please feel free to correct me!
    Leutal phase - the length of time between ov and 1st day of Af, should be 14 days, any shorter and it may result in prbs as I think it doesn't give enough time for implantation, so 14 days is the reason it's called the 2WW, so on a cycle of 35 days, you can assume that you ov on day 21. I'm sure you can proably TTC if you don't get Af as it would suggest that you didn't ov on the correct day, but of course, you would have no idea of when to test or due date
    pregnancy tests - all depends on whether you are planning on testing early, personally I would advise against it, in which case, if you wait until the day Af is due, you should be fine with any test, I used tesco own both times, with dd it was the day after dd was due, ds it was the day af was due, both came up with pink lines/dots straight away, although this time i will be using a CBD aswell, just for the novelty factor, they didn't have anything like that 3 and a half years ago!
    Zestica and Preeseed are types of Lube, google it and it will come up with websites you can get it from and i think you can get it off ebay, sometimes free when you buy CBFM or OPK tests
    As mentioned before if your cycle is normally 35 days you should assume that you ov on day 21, some women have signs when they are ovulating, pains similar to af pains, sometimes on the side you are ovulating on (I definately have this as a sign) lower back ache, etc. I think there is also meant to be an increase in a type of CM, often referred to on here as EWCM as it resembles raw egg whites! If you are not sure when OV is, I think the general advise is to BD every other day, and a couple more times around the time OV is suspected!
    Hope that helps, and ladies, again, If i am wrong please feel free to correct me!
  • Hi SD, Mustbmad has answered your questions well, I just wanted to say good luck when you get down to it image I wish it would hurry up and be my turn!! xx
  • Oh thanks ladies you are all stars! Thank you MBM yes I have a 35 day cycle and that makes sense so I can assume I will ov around day 21 but best to do the deed few days before is that right?

    Oh MFS hun, sorry to hear about your house delay and am sure it will fly round for you, am really starting to panic now but am so excited to be trying in a few weeks image x
  • Hi SD,

    mustbmad has answered all your questions really well! I just wanted to say about the pg tests thing- I'd defo get some other types as well- the reason being that CBD are imfamous for not being as sensitive as other brands-superdrug ones are good because they are the most sensitive and also very cheap.

    Oh and the ovulation thing- as mbm said if you are regular then it'll be easier to predict when your ovulating- but also- if you bd every other day from CD9ish- your bound to catch the egg! And think about how much fun you'll have!! image

  • don't know about the first 3 qs but on around ur ovulation ur temperature will normally rise a bit and u may produce a bit more discharge. however to throw a spanner in the works i concieved my son right before my period, so still had a period, was only a few days before that i ovulated, so was about cycle day 23/24 of 28 day cycle. ooh just thought, does anyone know if ur cycle changes after pregnancy? i used to have a 28day cycle and am now just getting periods back again (ds is 7months and bfed til last week) i know they're going to be a bit all over the shop at first but we wanna ttc in march and was wondering if they get backin to a pattern by then will it be the same as last time, and even if each cycle lasts the same will i still ovulate at the end or can that change to another part of my cycle?....maybe its justveasier to bd every other day thru out, but don't thnk i've got the energy lol xx
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