Off dianette, no period

Hi all, firstly to introduce myself: I am 30, recently married, and thinking about TTC in next year.

I came off Dianette at the beginning of March and have still not had a period - so nearly four months now. I've seen some posts on this forum where other women have experienced similar problems, but they're from a couple of years back and I wondered if anyone else has gone through/is going through the same thing more recently?

I've read it can take up to 6 months but I'm still really, really worried. I've been on the pill (mostly Dianette, but some others too) for 14 years (aaagh), but my periods were always pretty regular before - from what I can remember anyway, it's been a while!!

I've got a doctor's appointment next week so will see what he says then - just want to be 'normal'! I know it's ridiculous, as we're not even TTC yet but already thinking about worst case scenarios and worrying myself sick!


  • Hi Ally,

    Different pill, but I came of microgynon this year. First cycle, AF came on day 29, but this one (second) it only arrived today which is day 33... I know I have read lots of other people on here/other forums have had a lot more complications and many months without periods too. I think like you said its quite normal (although obviously worrying!) for it to take 6 months for your body to get back to normal.

    I hope everything goes well for you when you get to see the GP anyway. I know its easier said than done, but try not to worry too much until then - it won't change anything and stress can affect your AFs too. Like I said though, easier said than done!

    Best of luck!
  • Hi,

    My experience was a couple of years ago but thought I would just say you're not alone.

    I came off of Dianette in the June and didn't have a period til the October.

  • Hi, I had the same prob with Dianette - came off in Jan 08, didn't have a period at all for months so presumed I was not ovulating and got referred to infertility (suspected pcos). But the good news is in August 08 I had a bit of spotting, then got pregnant straight away and had my baby boy in May last year. So even if you're not having periods, there's still hope! Good luck - I so remember the feeling of not even being able to start trying! xx
  • Thanks all, it is very reassuring to hear I am not alone. Fingers crossed it all sorts itself out soon!x
  • Hi,

    Perhaps you could try taking one of the supplements recommended for settling down and regulating cycles?

    In particular I have heard that agnus castus is great but you must not take it if ttc - if you do you can only take it from 1st day of your period until ovulation as it can interfere with implantation and you must not take it if pg.

    Other alternatives would be starflower or evening primrose oil.

    I am trying the agnus castus to see if it helps. I am also newly off dianette.

    Fingers crossed af shows up soon for you, x
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