Bit paniced and confused!

This is my first post so please be nice :\)
Well I have come off the pill with the hopes off going onto the implant when my normal periods return. I spoke to my nurse at the gp surgery and she said this would probably take around 3 months or so, so me and my partner have been using condoms. I took my last pill about 3 weeks ago.
I saw a period for 1 day on the 25/05/2010 which was very light but i had cramps as usual so never really thought nothing of it. The past week or so i have had weird floaty feelings in my tummy and really bad tiredness, if i'm sitting at home i just want to sleep all the time. During the week when i am work i feel like i have a major hangover where i am so tired and have a headache. I have also been urinating alot the past few days (think people in my office think i have a bit of a problem lol). My mum said to take a pregnancy test as they sounded like how she was when she was pregant with me image but it came back neither positive or negative...just went really weird and blotchy! I called the nurse and she said all my sysmptons could be from coming off the pill and co-incidence that they match early pregnancy signs but that the test could of came back inconclusive as it woudl be too early for it to detect for sure...she said wait a few weeks and try again. Oh and also TRY NOT TO WORRY!
Just wanted some opinions on whether people think i could be pregnant or not? I think it is too soon seeing as i saw a period (albeit for 1 day) only last week but a few people have said to me that i could be.
Thanks for your help

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  • Hey hunni

    Try not to panic, it does sound like withdrawal symptoms from the pill and this is very common. Providing youve been careful and had no accidents you should be fine. The pill can make your periods abit irregular when u stop it also.

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