I just bought something from the baby aisle!

Oops! Shouldn't have really seeing as we don't even have a ttc date yet!
Got a cow cup (I love cow print) so its not even for a newborn lol!
Anyone else done the same?


  • ooops double post x

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  • Not yet but VERY tempted, we are ttc but no BFP yet! xxx
  • I keep seeing things/clother I would love have but I daren't buy anthing yet as we aren't even ttc until June!
  • which shop were you in hun? x
  • Me! We bought a baby monitor because it was too good a bargain to pass by, but I did feel a bit guilty getting it as I have only just started ttc, haven't even had first AF after coming off the pill beginning of last month. Ooops!!
  • I was in Sainsburys so its not like i went looking for trouble...
  • my husband suggested starting to buy things....and for some reason I said no!!! I don't know why! lol
  • I am liking your hubs thinkin Lou!! lol
  • I've hidden my shame in a cupboard until the time comes for me to announce that because i've bought something we should therefore start ttc lol!
  • does your hubs know you bought it or is it a secret purchase??!! xxx
  • does your hubs know you bought it or is it a secret purchase??!! xxx

    love the question!

    i have to admit i dont have anything YET, unfortunately i dont think i'll be able to hold off much longer, i may start to hide wee cute things, will hide them in my dolls pram (silver cross) and if found by hubby i can claim for doll.

    although i do own 2 pairs of baby socks & some boys baby vests which i found other day & had a cry over, they were for my bunnies after they had operations (long story). there so tiny would love wee tiny vests hanging on the radiators.

    i have picked my nursery furniture tho, ikea chest of drawers & wardrobe (hemnes in white) and i want a white sleigh cot & a white glidedr crib, think my hubby would notice if a crib turned up in the spare room.

    my mil has a silver cross pram in her loft which fil has said will be coming to my home in next few months as he is cleaning loft out & i have to admit it is not going in the loft like hubby says, it can sit next to my dolls one & i will push it round the spare room when hubby at work

    am i insane? oh & thanks ladies i now wanna buy & hide baby stuff

    jules x

  • awww mrs norden, loving the nursery you have planned, i want white furniture too.
    yes i think your hubs prob would notice a crib in the spare room lol!!
    i have the urge to buy and stash too now!! xx
  • i want!

    ok i feel obsessive 2nite you ladies are all to blame, i look at stuff lots on ebay & then clear my recently viewed items so hubs doesnt know lol



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  • aww i NEED both of those! where are they from? xx
  • Wow loving the pics ladies, am so tempted to buy things now but not even ttc and I feel like a stupid nutter?? Am I the only one..............ps whose up for a glass of wine and a chat? xx
  • Nope you're not alone hun!!
    We are ttc and would love to start buying stuff, am holding out for bargains in the xmas sale, be daft not too is what I am sticking too!
    Def up for wine and chat xxx
  • Hi Mrs H (pours a glass of wine) how are you? how long have you been trying? its hard to keep track of everyone on here.

    I am SD and I have been with hubby 8 years, married nearly 6 month, I am 30 and hubby is 31, hoping to start trying next month DEC!!! Would love a xmas bean (i mean conceive), how about you?

  • Hi SD *waves*
    I am good ta, I am 31 and hubs is 34, I came off the pill at the end of August (got married 2nd aug) and have had 2 AF's since (relieved my body back to normal if such a thing!) so guess we have been trying since sept, very early days and both very broody image
    Not long till ttc for you guys then, very exciting! Would love a xmas baby, who knows this time next year we could have little bubbas!!!
    Would it be your first?? xxx
  • Hi Mrs H have created a thread we can chat on there cos felt bad gatecrashing!!! See you over there xx
  • Hi girls, I was really, really tempted to buy a terramundi 'Baby Fund' pot which was soooo cute!! But got a little superstitious and thought I best wait till i get a BFP!!
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