baby no.2

jessica will be 1 on friday 8th jan.
hubby is 39 in april and wants to try for number 2 this spring cause he doesnt want to be an old dad likes his was.

i def want more but feel nervous for some strange reason!!!

went back to work today after xmas hols to find out another woman is pregnant due in july.
dont want people thinking im jumping on the bandwaggon if i was to get pregnant.

wanted to get it out!!!

thanks for reading!!!!!!!!


  • I was going to post something very similar the other day!

    We're really keen to try for No2, but for me it seems terrifying and I'm nervous about it, but excited and giddy at the same time (No1 was a little surprise)

    Don't worry you're not alone!! (I have no advice though!!)xx
  • us too. Number 1 is nearly 2 but I'm not sure about costs, going through sleepless nights etc again quite excited!!
  • me too, its the whole ttc thing that terrifies me, ds was a surprise so have no idea what i'm doing there, but altho i keep telling myself it cld take ages i can't help thining it'll happen straight away, even tho i don't want to think it will if taht makes any sense? also petrified that my scar will open (had em c section) and even if it doesn't, pregnancy wasn't the most comfortable thing last time, with all the stretching etc, i just know my scar is gonnna be sore and thats bugging me....also thinking about how last time u cld nap when lo naps when newborn, won't be able to do that this time lol....but then OH and i are so keen we'd both prefer to be starting now but due to the scar i've put my foot down til feb (altho this was originally march lol).....bugger just realised thats only 3 weeks away!!!!!!!!!!!! sudden burst of excitement and panick came over me then! jeesh! xx
  • Scar should be ok. I had a emergency c too (under general) but healed well. Hadn't thought about the scar. Surely where it is means that it wouldn't stretch much?
    We were going to start last night!!! Sorry tmi. But hubby wanted to use contraception and I said we shouldn't end we didn't bother (I mean we both went to sleep!)
    Like you I'm hoping in one way it happens straight away..or after a month or so. Just wish we could press a button and be pregnant.
  • im too in talks about ttc baby no2 dd was a suprise but very wanted suprise ( suprise as got told wld never concieve naturally only to find out was pg 6weeks later) after almost 3 yrs of ttc last time im nervous of when to start dd is 6months now and was hoping for no2 when she is 2 (for no2 to be born) but dnt know how long this time rnd will take 1month or 3 yrs. So do i try now and let what happens happen or do i wait a while?

    Yes just married and pregnancy button wld be brilliant. haha if only.
  • We're the same too, have suddenly just thought if we don't have No.2 soon our poverty period will be even further extended, so had the chat with OH and he agrees so guess we'll start trying shortly, had to wait over xmas & jan to avoid DS birthday and may have to skip March & April too as Dec & Jan already expensive enough with xmas and everyone's birthdays.

    Its sooo strange to be planning a baby as DS was a lovely suprise and didn't even know til 11wks gone!
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