Hello all, came of my pill in june 09, had my first period jan 2010, next period was march3rd and now i'm still waiting for my next one. We have been using condoms, but not all the time. Did a cheap test about 4 days ago and it was negative, i'm probarbly not pregnant but i can't help wondering!
TMI my discharge has also changed over the past few days it's very white (sorry) not sure what this means either!


  • Not too sure what it means I'm afraid... I know it changes around the time of ovulation, but not sure about colour...
    I've just had my withdrawal bleed so now tracking the days to see how long it us until my first, proper period so I can start getting an idea of my body and cycles again. Sounds like you waited quite a while!
  • HI rachey, Yeh I have been waiting almost a year now for them to come back. I don't think I would ever go back on the pill again knowing what I know now, it is good in the long term though I guess.
    I hope it doesn't take to long for you to get yours back, fingers crossed
  • It may be that the pill upset your cycle quite a bit. I would probably go to the docs if you haven't reecived it in 3 months. Sorry I can't help
  • A year's not good at all! I don't remember them covering any of this when I started taking it... mind you, I was only 16 so remember bits about possible migraines etc but maybe didn't listen properly to anything else. I don't think so though.

    Any sign of your period or anything else today??
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