All Change lol!

You may have seen my previous posts in relation to my husband and i TTC for May this year however this has all changed.

We sat down this evening and now we are moving house this summer! talk about up in the air. My husband is dead set on moving to a bigger family home this year and before i am at a stage that i cannot do as much as would be required for a house move. I totally appreciate what he is saying there and we could do with more room. So we are now not TTC until October!

Although we are a little disappointed its not like its not going to happen and it will still be this year that i hopefully fall. The other theory according to my husband is that we need a bigg enough house so we can plan baby number three and have a smaller age gap when we would have with my daughter (now 6) and our second (when he/she comes along). Its funny how men work theres me planning for baby number 2 and he is way ahead of the game. Im not saying that i wouldnt love baby number three at all becuase i would, its just nice to look from another angle sometimes and he offers that.

Has anyone else been in the same boat and have put back TTC?



  • we will not be ttc for another 18months or so. my first was almost 8 weeks early and spent 19 days in SCBU. there was no reason or explaination why i went early apart from dd is a determined little lady and think she just wanted out. i would go into the hospital for about 9am for Dr's rounds go home have some lunch then go back where dh would come straight from work and we would stay until about 7.30pm.

    as i have had a prem i am scared i will have another, if dd is not in school when number 2 comes then i would not be able to spend time at the hospital with him/her.

    some research i have read says that if you have one prem then your more likely to have another but other research says that if it was unexplained then there is no more chance than for anyone else.

    hope that makes sense. 18 months time seems like a lifetime away but it will mean that dd will nearly be 3 so will be in school at least for the mornings when no2 comes
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