So excited & introduction

Hi everyone
Having been with my partner for 11 years, I have finally managed to tie him down on a date to ttc. We are actually going to try in December - and I can barely contain my excitement.
Im 30 and my other half is 42 (he already has two children from a previous relationship). I have been trying to convinve him virtually since we first got together to have a child with me and finally he has agreed. Lots of people were telling me for years "just do it" or "dont tell him" but I really wanted my/our childs life to begin as it should continue, with love and honesty. Not bitterness and nasty feelings or guilt.

Anyway, lovely to "meet" you all. Wondered if anyone could help me with all the other abbreviations on here - managed to work out ttc but thats about it.

Thanks all,

A xx


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