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AF due today....

And there's no sign of her yet! Plus, I've been really absolutely rubbish the last few days, very queasy, falling asleep at 7pm and crying at the drop of a hat. There has been a bit of UPSI a couple of weeks ago, so I guess something could be up, but I'm too nervous to test. Now that the idea is in my mind, I'll be so disappointed if I test and get a BFN, even though we aren't officially trying yet.

Do I test tomorrow, or hold out another couple of days so if it is a BFN it's not a false one? :roll:

Hannah xx


  • Hold out love, i know its a nightmare but it'll be a clearer result.

    ahhhhhh its so hard!
  • try and hold out till early next week. or got to poundland and get 3 tests for a ??!!!!! lol gl x
  • I'd wait if you can hunny. I know they say HPTs work early - but best to wait until AF is actually late, and then test first thing in the morning.

    You'd be gutted to get a BFN and then have AF turn up later that day!

    Lots of baby dust.
  • Hello

    Am new to all of this so without sounding really stupid please can someone explain the abbreviations to me! BFN, AF, UPSI?
  • Hi,
    BFN-Big Fat Negative (on a preg. test)
    AF- Aunt Flo (nice name for your period!)
    UPSI- Unprotected Sexual Intercourse

    Are the poundland tests accurate?

    stsarina, i'm in almost the same situation & I think its easy to say don't test but its so hard to actually do that! Having said that I do agree with the others. Fingers crossed for you!
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