postponing due to trip of a lifetime?

I feel crap. I am hugely involved in my Church where I married in August 09. I am a youth leader and am best friends with the minister and his wife.

They have just informed us there is a trip (FREE) to Chicago next July.

3 months after I would want to have my first baby.
We were going to try this summer and have a spring bubs.... but now I am thinking we will have to postpone for 18 months (after we get back, am not travelling pregnant, no matter how early, imagine morning sickness on a plane... and i dont travel well lol).

Our dream was i get a job soon, move in September... get pregnant on our year anniversary, but i guess i can scrap that lol.

I want to go. We both do, i would never consider going to the USA otherwise, its not a destination I would go to over a beach holiday, but as its free I feel I have to go. Which I do image

But it throws a spanner in my works, I guess I'll ween myself off here lol and put babies out my mind!


  • Tough call my love. I think I would have to go on the trip. If it is a once in a lifetime place and opportunity etc.
    What does your husband think???
  • Hiya hon, im afraid to say i would go on the trip to!
    It really is to good a holiday to say no to, it would be hard putting babies to the back of my mind though.... I don't know if i could! xx
  • id go on the trip honey.

    It would be amazing if you got your BFP when you want-but just imagine if you didnt?

    Would you be able to see someone else on that trip if you dont have a baby in your arms?

    I dont want that to sound mean-but i just mean it would be hard ttc anyway, but you dont want anything else to bring you down if you see what i mean.

    x x x
  • i am going on the trip HURRAH.

    Hubbie is so excited about it lol,

    I made the mistake of buying OK mag this week some sort of baby extravaganza lol, but its made me reaffirm my choice oddly... i know my life will be over (holiday wise) for a few years, so we'll go.... we might start trying just before we go... or when we get back image

  • I think you're making the right decision my love. Baby plans are only on hold! Not off the agenda!
    Have a wonderful time!
  • arghhhhhhhhh this is torture, i know i am supposed to be excited about my trip, but i am so annoyed, wanted a baby so much.

    Have to keep reminding myself image its not forever just for 18 months. Such a long time, i thought waiting till july was hard... another year july more like. Bum.

    Sorry just feeling sorry for myself tonight!

    *blows air* bum
  • This is so weird.... my husband and I were totally thinking about a baby and now we're going away on our 2nd rtw trip in September!! We have thought so long and hard about it but know that this is something we might never get to do after we have a baby. We're going to have the time of our lives and then think about babies later! Still broody but.... my backpack will need to do for now! enjoy Rosemary!image
  • lol awesome!

    Well... actually its a bit complicated at the moment lol, one of my best friends from the church we're going with is becoming slowly my most hated person on the planet and i am thinking when we move in September (about 4 miles away) we will probably end up not going.... which is a bit of a bummer but to be honest I kinda glad.

    We're going to go on our belated honeymoon this august instead.

    Wahay image
  • A belated honeymoon will be fantastic! image Where you off to? Maybe this way you will still have your baby when you'd wanted. I feel as if I have gone from 1 extreme to the I think I will always be popping on to ths site until I have a baby of my own ( even if that does seem to be ages away!) lol
  • lol i am addicted to this site, i know its weird but i love wandering into the other sections to 'learn'!

    I love Greece and would love it if we went back image

    but i dont mind, anywhere as long as there is a pool, drinks and a beach!

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