Are you telling anyone?

Hi Ladies,

Just wondered whether you are/aren't going to tell people when you start ttc?
We have decided not to tell anyone as don't want the pressure of people asking us if I'm pregnant yet! Added to which, SIL has just announced she is pregnant after hardly trying so I don't want family/friends knowing how long it takes us to get pregnant. But I have got a friend who told everyone they were ttc with their first and has told people when they are going to start ttc for their second, so I am a bit worried that when we start ttc I will struggle to keep it quiet!!!



  • We have been TTC since Dec and still haven't told anybody image Like you I don't want anyone asking if i'm PG and knowing how long it will take us to conceive, When I finally get my BFP we're going to try and keep it quiet for as long as possible too!! x x
  • Have you had people ask if you are trying? On our wedding day, DH's grandad told us not to wait too long as he isn't getting any younger! And we have got a few friends who keep asking when we are going to start trying and I find it really awkward trying to avoid their questions (I know it's just cos they can't wait for us to have kids as they have got a little girl, but still?!)

  • were not tellin anyone either x
  • I'm keeping quiet too - but people do seem to think it's their business to know...since we got married friends and family are often dropping not-very-subtle hints about babies!!
  • I've not been keeping it a secret. I've told a few good friends and I won't lie about it if asked (I'm rubbish at lying so not going to try!) Everyone is expecting me to be trying for a second anyway so for me there seems little point in trying to keep quiet. But I'm not shouting it from the rooftops either!
  • We won't be telling anyone I don't think. There's a few of us that got married around the same time (2 years ago) and now everyone's started to talk about babies...I don't really want to seem like we're in competition, or on a schedule with anyone else; we're doing this when the time is right for us!! So I'm just going to keep quiet about it until I have some happy news to report!
  • I've also not told anyone and people keep asking me all of a's weird like i'm giving off some kind of TTC vibe!!! Our Grandparents also keep hassling us and have been since we got married 3 and a half years ago...But i'm only 23 and there's no rush for these that we are TTC we're def not telling anyone as don't want to get anyones hopes up. When i do become PG we want to also keep it to ourselves for as long as possible so we can enjoy the excitement just the two of us....althought I think that will be easier said than done!! x x
  • noo keeping it quiet until 12 week sacn, but see if i fel the same when i get my BFP tho lol! but thats the plan anyway! xxxx
  • People kept asking us and i just said that we weren't not trying....was suitably vague. Thankfully we won't have that problem next time, as it will be our second. We will just get on with it and won't tell a soul.

  • plan was to tell no-one, but I caved and told a friend who is presently on maternity leave. We are not actually TTC yet, but I have found talking to her really helpful. Just thought I would share as one of the few who has told. I am not telling anyone else but I think I would burst if I told no-one!
  • I haven't told anyone but my hubby tells everyone he comes into contact with that we are going to start trying for no.2 soon. He was also unable to keep his mouth shut when I got pg with our daughter. All I said to him was I'm pregnant and he was on the phone to his dad!! Personally I would like a tad more privacy!
  • people have asked me when r u and dave trying for a baby, the people who know about my operation i have told them in were startin trying in july but not gettin my hopes up as i need the injection to leave my system, othere friends i have just said maybe towards end of the year not sure!
  • Were not TTC until October but knowing what it was like first time around we are keeping everything quite for a long as possible. My husband and I want the time to enjoy the very first moments up to 12 weeks scan just the three of us and get our daughter involved as a family without having everyone else hound us. Fingers crossed we keep to the plan.
  • Well, after deciding not to tell anyone at all when we are going to start ttc, we have changed our minds and decided that we have got to tell one of my friends. She is planning her wedding for early next year and has asked me to be a bridesmaid and, although she hasn't set a date yet, I think it's only fair to let her know that we are planning to start a family soon and so I might have a bump at her wedding. That way if she'd rather I wasn't a bridesmaid she can say so, as I don't want to make things like dress-fittings stressful for her. (Although I hope she doesn't mind as I am very excited about being bridesmaid!!)

    Only trouble is that she's not renowned for her tact or ability to keep a secret so I am slightly scared that she might drop a few less than subtle hints on facebook or something!

  • hi

    we have told our families we are going to start trying in the summer, they were so pleased and excited.. and its lovely to chat about with them

    wf xx
  • Oh I'll definitely struggle to keep it quiet but I'm hoping I can! Our first was a total surprise. But can't be that lucky again so thinking it'll take us a while - and don't want to hear people going on about it, if it is bothering us anyway - hopefully we will have no problems xx
  • I have told a couple of friends, but i've been more vauge with my family as i know what they're like, they'll get far too excited! I am sooooo excited though, and will def struggle once June comes around and we are offically trying!! Hee hee x
  • i'm terrible. said i wasn't going to tell anyone but caved when a friend asked me....then caved when my mum asked gonna ttc dec/jan time but i am going to try so hard- in fact i am NOT going to tell anyone until 12 week scan as my frined told people very early on and unfortunatly it ended in mc and she was more upset about people asking her about being PG as opposed to the actual mc. anyways, im like some of you, when it comes to the BFP i may change my mind! also there are those that might notice not drinking etc.
    Good luck to you all!!!
    any one else ttc dec/jan? have read all i can read and now just feel like i am waiting- you feelin like this?
    Nichola x
  • I've told my best friend but we've not told any of our family. I know they'd be super excited and asking about it and I don't want added pressure! My current plan is to keep it quiet until the 12 week scan and present them with a pic in a card to Nanny and Grampy! I doubt I'll end up doing that though!

    My best friend is trying for her second at the moment so it's great to have someone to talk to about stuff x
  • We've just told a few people that we're thinking of trying again later on this year but won't be telling them when we do actively start ttc.
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