Baby Making Year 2010 :-)

Hi all,

Finally decided that this year is baby making year.

I'm so excited, nervous, happy lol

So will be around here learning some new tips etc.

Happy New Year everyone!!

Love Becky.


  • Hi this is my year too! or it will be when my period arrives! We were going to wait till June but we worked out that the money (which we were worried about) is ??1500 difference which we can manage to save most of so we have decided to go ahead as soon I my cycle allows me too! After all it will prob take a while to become preg...

    Happy ttc x
  • yeh, happy baby making image

    from readin posts when I was pg with my lo the advice that I remember reading was......figure outroughly when you will be ovualtion that month and add on several days either side in case you cycle is longer. Enjoy, relax and have fun with your oh, just try and have more sex around ovulation as this will obviously increase your chances of ovualting. Fpcus on enjying sex, not i hope we concieve.

    If you stress about things, worry about if your af is arriving etc or convince your self you are pg but looking for similar signs of af and pg, then you will increase your body stress without knowing,. This in turn will decrease your chances of concieving.

    When we ttc next month I dont plan on buying any pg tests as 1) they are expensive and 2) I dont wont to have them staring back at me.
    I came across this link which i thought was interesting.

    happy ttc. I will be joining you next month. My husband is looking forward to lots of UPS lol!
  • Thanks for the advice.

    We're the same MrsMel, probably wont start trying until about October time but so exciting!

    I want to be cheeky and have a lovely big holiday before I fall pregnant then comes the baby proof our house and try and train the little monsters (two dogs) we already have lol

    Fun fun fun!!
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