Argh ... waiting for periods after pill!

Hi all

I'm new here. Me and OH are hopefully going to start TTC from September and we're SO excited! I've been on Cerazette for about a year (was on Femodine (sp?) for a few years before this) and have not had a period since I started Cerazette. I stopped taking in on the 6th July (in the middle of a packet) to give my body time to get back to normal before TTC. I still haven't even had my withdrawal bleed!!

It's so frustrating! I've been getting AF-type pains on and off since I stopped the pill, but nothing! My periods were fine before Cerazette.

Just wondering if anyone else is/has been in the same boat. I know a lot are waiting for their first AF but I've not even had a breakthrough bleed! Now I'm worried I'll not be 'back to normal' and ready to TTC in September.



  • hello

    i think you need to do a test if you havent had a withdrawel bleed, my first real AF tok 9 weeks to come, might be worth a quick chat with the GP x

    good luck x
  • Hiya tomhann187.....I had been on cerazette for almost 2yrs and microgynon for about 10yrs before that. When on Cerazette I didn't have monthly bleeds which is normal for that pill. I came off in Feb and had first Af 35 days later. Because I was on microgynon before its been a long time since I had a 'natural' cycle, so hard to tell if this was longer than usual, but I remember my cycles prior to any pill used to be around 29 days. I then fell pregnent if the cycle following the Af, although unfortunately that ended in a missed miscarraige being diagonosed at the 12 week scan. My OH thinks that was due to us not waiting long enough for Cerazette to be totally out of my system, I googled the after effects of cerazette and found lots of ladies have problems after...but I suppose nobody knows for sure whether the problems would have happened anyway or were a result of the cerazette.
    On the other hand lots of ladies have got BFP before they even have their first Af!
    Sneding you lots of Babydust for September xx
  • Hello I know exactly how you feel !
    I was on cerazette for about 18 months and stopped it about 11 weeks ago. I didn't have a withdrawl bleed and it took 9 weeks for me to have my first AF (I went through several pregnancy tests even though I knew it wasnt really likely) my AF only lasted 1 and half days (but never been so pleased !) and I am now waiting for number two.
    I like you I read up on the internet when nothing happened and its seems that alot of people dont have a withdrawal bleed and you can wait quite a few months for everything to get back to normal.
    I am getting on a bit ! 36 and I wish that my doctor would have told me this as I wouldnt have taken it - you would have thought they would have mentioned it to a married childless woman in her late 30's !
    there is also some stuff on the internet reccomending you wait for 2 periods before getting pregnant so we are not "trying" this month but also not using anything as it seems a bit mental. Also using ovulation predictor kit just to check that I am ovulating
    feel like piggin cerazette has spoilt all the excitment I have looked forward to this for soooo! long and didnt expect to be worried even before we got started

  • Thanks for the replies girls.

    Micmac it's so frustrating isn't it?! And yes, I too would not have started on it if I knew of the TTC problems associated. It has been lovely to not have a period for a year, but MY GOD PLEASE ARRIVE NOW!

    I guess if I use OV kits then it's still possible to fall pregnant - I'd just love to have a normal cycle and know when to BD, when I'm expected to bleed etc!

    I did a test today by the way (even though it was a VERY remote chance) and BFN. Even though I knew I wouldn't be pregnant (sickness has ruled out sex for the past few weeks) I was still disappointed!

    I'm sure the stress and waiting has delayed AF!
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