A few questions to clear the confusion. can someone help me?

:\? Im 17 and possibly pregnant. i had 2 periods last month and also 2 ovulation days. i had sexx all up until my first ovulation day and started my period again. After the second one ended i had sex again with my husband but have not reached my second ovulation day .( this friday) could i possibly be pregnant from one or possibly the other?? im so confused im trying to figure out when the best time to take an at home pregnancy test is. if you have any idea plz help me. if i compeletely lost you im so sorry.
:\? :\? :\?



  • Morning love, sorry i dont have any advice, not heard of a cycle like this, but if you posted into 'trying for a baby' where there are more ladies and its visited more frequently you might have some better luck.

    Hope ur feeling ok, xxxx
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