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I recently read something about sweetners when TTC and pregnant saying they weren't safe for some reason. I know I'm jumping the gun here as im not TTC yet but just wondering if anyone else had read/ heard about this and had any more information about it e.g wether its all sweetners or an ingredient in them etc.

If its most or all sweetners then i'd like to get into the habbit now of not using them as I always use them lol so it wouldnt be so much of a sudden change in my lifestyle.

Any more information would be much appreciated :\)

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  • yeah I've heard something like that too, to be honest I don't like them anyway and tried to avoid them last time when I was preg, I'd rather have sugar at least it's natural and not chemical
  • yeah that is a good view on it, i guess its much better to give your baby pure forms of food rather than chemicals, preservatives etc...

    thanks for the advice 30somethin image

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