Feeling Positive!

:\)After feeling s**t for a few months about everything DH is much more keen to ttc next year, he still needs to get a new job but I think he's going to be looking a lot harder and he's said he's going to be watching what he eats more and cutting back on caffine etc. I think the turning point was our friends baby arriving the other day but if thats what it takes i'm not going to complain!
Just wanted to put something positive for once lol!


  • Excellent, really happy for you image

    2010 will bring good news all round, xxx
  • I hope so, hows everything going with you, hun?
  • I am very well thanks love, just trying to get through my af without killing anyone image

    oh i do live a good box of biscuits at xmas, get you through the days.

    I can't wait to get my job... whenever that may be lol and get trying!
  • Ooh yes, we've been eating xmas chocolate for breakfast the last few days image we're both going on a pre-baby diet in the new year though.
    What kind of jobs are you looking at? Have you set a provisional date to work to?

    Bit of a suprise for me was we had (sober) UPSI! When I questioned DH he just said he wasn't bothered-contraception a pretty big thing to not be bothered about! As it is i'm not OV'ing yet but he didn't know that! Big smiles from me this morning image
  • image smiles all round!
    Excellent stuff.

    I don't really mind what job i get, but i do want it to be related to children as i trained for that and then gave up my teaching job due to stress. But its tough, competition etc, lack of anything!
    We've said i'll do anything after easter and then after that who knows.... its hard it really is.
  • Ooh i'm doing an early years degree atm! I wanted to be a teacher but don't like the stress levels, going to look into being a teachers assistant I think.

    It's a horrible time for anyone to be looking for a job, both my hubby and dad have been looking for ages, i'm sure something will come up. Have you tried gumtree? They usually have loads of stuff on there.
  • I love gumtree but i found its slowed down for xmas. Hoping for ajob in a nursey i applied for, but we'll see.
    We need to move as well, which is going to be annoying as we thought this flat was the one for us, but its come with so many issues I actually cant bare to give the landlord any of our hard earned cash when he wont fix the problems. Urgh, 2010 is going to be hard!
  • Oh no can you not withold rent until the landlord fixes things? A friend of mine has a studio that has a leak in the roof so she's not giving the landlord anything til its fixed.
    Fingers crossed for the job!
    Spoke with DH last night, we're now officially not not trying-so not actually ttc but not taking any precautions either. Exciting times! I couldn't get to sleep for ages last night I was buzzing!
  • Well we have a woman coming on monday and we're going to see if we can get out our contract early, as i dont think mould coming through a wall cavity is cool....and if we had children this would be their room... way not cool.

    I would love to start trying, but if we move, its just going to be too much at once so we may have to not try till the summer image but its good though, means i can start being broody with a new home...! which is kinda cool in its own way!
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