Well nearly done for the weekend - anyone got any plans??

Well I am finishing work at 4 so ten minutes and counting (not that you can count coming on this website as working but hey no one around and I was bored).

I am just being nosey and wondering what everyone is up to. My plans are:

Friday - nothing much, lazy day watching dvds with OH apart from a gym session

Saturday - going to the match (Sunderland season ticker holder with OH, he has just taken my best friends seat as she can't afford to renew hers)

- going to my friends house first before heading into town for her birthday

Monday - probably hung over but intentions of going out for the day with OH and parents to Whitby or somewhere like that.

I will be needing another long weekend just doing nothing after all that :lol:




  • ...Well its my little boys first birthday on sunday!
    FRIDAY: catch up with friends and park if not snowing ha!
    SATURDAY: My parents coming up to see LO
    SUNDAY: LO birthday something nice in morning the 3 of us then I am off to the football...season ticket holder at Everton whilst DH family come over then quite a few of our friends round in evening.
    Monday: the 3 of us going to do something nice possibly zoo! exciting.
    happy easter xx
  • Sounds like you have a lovely weekend planned. Happy Birthday to your little boy!! Happy Easter to you too xx



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