Flying when early stages pregnancy??safe??

Hi girls,
I just wanted some advice, ive got a holiday booked in june and was wondering if i was to get pregnant in the weeks running up to the holiday would there be any risks involved?
Have any of you been pregnant when flying etc?
hope your all ok


  • Thankyou, just been on the link and it was v.helpfull, jeel much more confident about it all now. xx
  • That is spooky as that is the exact same situation I am in miss-to-mrs. I am finishing my pill on 29th April, exactly 1 week tomorrow (that's if all goes to plan, see other post about "really angry..."). We were going TTC straight away. As you can see by my ticker below I too have a holiday booked for 21st June and had been worrying about the same thing if I fell before the holiday. Where you off too? xx

    I am going to read the thread you suggested Susiee - thanks.

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