My name is *** and I'm a loiterer!

I'm not TTC yet but am still loitering.... .............are there any more out there?

I got married last year and wasn't in any real hurry to start TTC but at the start of this year the broodiness set in and now I am desperate for a "little person"! DH has just started a new job with super long hours and so the timing is not right at the moment but I can't help myself coming on here to read all about everybodys experiences.

There must be more of us.....right?:\?


  • Me too.... I know it probably isn't helping the broodiness but I can't stop myself! I haven't bought any baby stuff for me but thats because I know I get LOTS of second hand stuff. Everyone is pregnant/having babies at the moment so been buying presents for them... finding it hard.

    DM x
  • Phew - I though I was alone in having a nosey on the message boards - have so far managed to avoid the ones with titles like "your awful labour stories" and other such topics as am fearful it would put me right off the idea!!!! x
  • Me too! I don't get married until later this year so I'm going to wait until after the honeymoon to come off the pill. Everywhere I look people seem to be getting pregnant or having babies at the moment, it's making me so jealous!!!
  • hey everyone, just wanted to say hi, and im ttc from april/june onwards i too buy the magazines and nosey in the baby isles in shops x
  • Me too, glad I'm not the only one. Got married in Aug 09 and really want to start trying but financially can't till 2011 at the earliest which feels ages away. One thing I've learnt from loitering is how complex baby making is - not what they told us at school image lol. X
  • I know, tell me about it. There is so much more to think about than I expected!

    I'm still on the pill at the moment and have no idea when I should come off it. There are so many stories about it taking months to get a normal cycle back but then you hear other people's tales of getting pregnant without having AF after coming off the pill. Just don't know what to do really.........

    I am thinking of going to see my Dr and get some advice as surely they should know what the best plan is......... Blind faith in the NHS (probably not so wise!!!) :roll:

    When are you all planning on starting TTC?
  • Ha ha, you would think the drs should have the best idea of what to do - worth an ask at least. Luckily I don't have that worry as came off the pill 5 years ago - did take me a while to get back into a regular cycle but I have PCOS and irregular periods anyway. Makes you wonder how all these teenage girls fall pregnant. Still 2011 isn't long to wait I guess - thats what I keep telling myself anyway. When are you going to start trying?
  • Some doctors believe that the time you come off your pill will be your most fertile time!
  • I know! To think that I spent my late teens and early twenties desperately trying not to get pregnant and totaly freaking out if I missed a pill.

    If reading these pages is anything to go by then the reality is that it would have probably been highly unlikely that I would because it seems to involve complex mathematical equations and temperature measuring. No wonder they don't explain how complex it is in school as it wouldn't scare us all into practising safe sex!!!

    I am hoping that we can start trying in a year's time (hopefully after one last child free holiday to Australia adn the Hong Kong 7's!!!) so am guessing that I shoudl probably be coming off the pill towards the end fo this year and then being VERY careful!!!

    I've been having a nosey on a few forums on here and whilst I am absolutely terrified of loosing the life I have and love, getting enormous and the huge fear that I will be a crap mummy, I am still utterly desperate to have a little 'un. There are a lot of things I'll miss though.............

  • Hi everyone, have just joined after spending the last year trying to convince myself that I had no interest in starting a family just yet...LOL. My feelings totally echo yours, Beyondbroody. I'd love to have some nice holidays, a dual income for a bit and enjoy a child free bit of married life but I can't help the BURNING DESIRE for babies! Hehe! Oh well, I suppose it's another emotional rollercoster to contend with- why oh why was I born a woman??!!
  • razzb you made me smile - that's exactly what I want. Sometimes I think I'm going mad trying to weigh up the pros and cons for getting pregnant sooner rather than later.

    Think I'll also miss lazy Sunday mornings in bed, being able to go to the loo alone and sleep!! A small price to pay though right???
  • Hi all, in an ideal world, wouldn't we all want to be settled in our own (owned) homes, with millions in the bank, having done all the things you ever dreamt of before planning a little one?

    As they say, when IS the right time? I think personally, the right time is when it happens! We have sat down and discussed it so many times over the years, as a future project, and now is the time of deciding when to take the plunge and start trying!

    My hubby is self employed, does very well esp in the hard times the UK has been having, I am full time employed in the NHS, will have been there in my current job a year in Sept, so as long as I am still there this Sept before going off, I will be fine with staying there etc..

    We rent a lovely house in the countryside, and are saving up a big deposit for a mortgage in the next few years.

    The ideal, would be for hubs to earn a whacking amount every month guaranteed, then no worries on my side for finances etc, but, at the end of the day girls, you make it work if it's something you really want don't you?

    We have the support of his parents and my father and his wife (my Mum is no longer with us, we lost her aged 48 3 yrs ago), and other relatives and friends, so I say to you all, if it's what you both really want, and you have looked into it all and planned ahead for the coming years, money and lifestyle etc - easy for us non drinkers/smokers/etc - then nothing stopping you!

    My best tip is write a list of anything you both want/ed to do before becoming parents, seeing the world, etc etc, then get those things done and ENJOY it all, then when you are a Mummy and Daddy the 3/4/5/plus can enjoy your new little unit with every success and happiness! x

    sorry for the long winded and perhaps nonsensical reply!!
  • Thanks for the insight littletoots. I suppose the main hurdle for me to overcome is the career thing. I still have 9 month of study left before I qualify. Even when I do, I doubt my biological clock will hold on long enough for me to get an established physio career going. I guess the main thing that's holding me back is the idea that I will be giving up one life that I have built over the (many) years of education I have been through for another one as a mother. Not that this is a bad thing of course- quite the contrary in fact!! I just feel so overcome by emotion towards having a baby that I'm worried that I'm not seeing things clearly and perhaps it would be better to wait a bit.

    Lke you, Beyondbroody, I am sick of weighing up the pros and cons and almost wish I didn't have a choice in the matter (was shocked to discover that I was secretly hoping I wouldn't get my peroiod this month!!!!!)
  • razzb - I could have written that last sentance myself!
  • hi girls, i am also a self confessed loiterer, ive always loved the thought of having kids but up until 3 months ago always thought it was something that wouldnt happen for a long time as oh was very "anti children" however something has hit him hard across the head in the past 3 months (perhaps a little scare we had in january which i think was due to me messing up my pill big time but thinking i was pg) . and made him realise that having kids would be a good idea.... so after a LOT of talking about it we have decided to start trying to conceive..... unfortunatrly i have to wait until december becasue we are going to a friends wedding in november in the dominican and have decided that we really want to do this one last big holiday before a lo comes along, so i will be with you girls on here until the end of this year when i can finally start ttc. yippee!!!
  • quote - Lke you, Beyondbroody, I am sick of weighing up the pros and cons and almost wish I didn't have a choice in the matter

    your so right! xx
  • Someone in my office has just announced that they are PG. I am super happy and excited for her but also a little envious.

    Having talked DH down from waiting 3 years to start TTC to TTC next March, I don't feel I can realistically ask that we start trying sooner but I'd come off the pill now if it was my choice!!

  • Hi there, i'm a loiterer too! Finished the pill in March but not ttc until summer.
    It's good to hear other's have similar thoughts. We did the whole right/wrong time thing but meanwhile thinking that if I got caught unexpectedly then we would both be over the moon!
    I am currently on my 3rd baby mag but it's like a military operation to purchase in the supermarket incase family/friends see, ha ha!
    All the info on here is fab (thanks everyone) but I am terrified at how little I know! Currently experiencing side effects from coming off the pill - dizziness, very high body temperature, flashes of light in my eyes! My GP didn't warn me about this!
    Thanks for the prompt BeyondBroody!
  • Hey loiterers, I have just joined this site today after loitering on the baby part of you and your wedding,
    We got married last year and are planning to TTC next year, seems like a lifetime of waiting!!!

    Everyone does seem to be sprouting bumps everywhere you look, which is lovely and am so pleased for them but it doesn't help my broodiness! xx
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