Well thought id post on here and see wot everyone else is up 2? lol

im a mum of a DD who is 8 and has autism/aspergus....and a DS who is 4 1/2 and a little monkey! im very broody and thinkin of tryin 4 no3! very nervous as my DD is hardwork bless her, plus im a bit chunky size 16 so might lose some weight 1st! ive done it twice already so y im so scared i dont know lol

thanks 4 readin if u did....

:\) holly :\)


  • Hi Holly,

    Hope your well! I'm planning on ttc my first at the minute, so glad there's some second and third time ladies on here to inform us first timers what to expect!

    I'm a student right now and i'm actually studying a module on Aspergers and Autism at the minute. We've had a few parents of children with these disorders in to talk to us which is really great!

    When are you planning on moving over to ttc?

    Good luck with the weight loss, I wish i could find the willpower to shift my post xmas bulge which is still hanging around! :\(


  • hi hun...

    good luck with ttc, not sure yet as not really spoke about it properly with bf, he has a 17 yr old dd so been a while lol.....one born every minute is on again 2night maybe ill bring it up then lol:roll:

  • Yeah i watched that! Not looking forward to giving birth i have to say!
  • hi,i posted in the thread about reintroducing ourselves...but had a little boy in april last year..cant believe isnearly a year already...got married in december and again ridiculously broody so thinking of trying around april may. i am a parttime physio. not much other news really ha...did you talk to your OH the other night? xxxx
    And Lady2188 can only speak for myself but by the time labour came i was so prepared and excited ( and drugged up!!!) that it was a positive experience for me...remember they will always pick the one that are good for telly! xx
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