Excitement!!! :)

So me and fiance have been talking about when we will be ttc and we have decided to start trying at the end of January beginning of February image !!! Yey I'm so excited.
Is it sad that I am looking up prams already? lol


  • Haha, not sad at all! I picked out my pram for my daughter before we started trying - luckily my DH liked it too!

    Have you seen any you like?

    Hannah xx
  • Hiya Hannah *waves*
    thank god Im not the only one lol!!
    yeh we had the Silver Cross Freeway Linear for our daughter but decided that we wouldnt have anymore kids for a good few years and sold it on!
    I still really like it tho so might go and get another one!
  • Hooray!! How exciting!! then christmas will be your last Hurrah for the drinking front!! Very clever planning!!

  • hehe was it that obvious? :P
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