I don't know what to do now...


I am in a bit of a dilemma. Since I came back on this site (late last week) I have been certain that I am coming off my pill on 29th April. As you can see below (ticker) I have a holiday in June (21st) for two weeks to Gran Canaria. Now this is my OH and I's first holiday together so obviously we want to make it a good one and we may have a little one for our next holiday.

Do I finish my pill 29th April and let my cycle settle down and risk falling before my holiday meaning that I can't drink and may be having morning sickness etc or do I wait till 27th May and then it is closer to the holiday. I don't mind falling whilst on holiday but I am worrying (is the wrong word to use) but not sure what to do. It may be that I finish on 29th April then don't fall for ages....decisions decisions..... xx



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  • hi shoegal, i know what you mean, i am in a similar siutation as we have a holiday in may.
    we decided to wait until after our holiday not so much for the not drinking (altho i do love a tequila sunrise!) but for the sickness, tiredness etc.

    the thing is there will always be something like a big party or something that you think you might want to wait till after for, so sometimes its better just to go for it and se what happens.

    if i were you i would hold off and enjoy your holiday just you and OH. but thats only my oppinion and not what you should do!

    i'm sorry thats not much help is it, but wanted to say i know how you feel, i don't think you can make many decisions as far as babys go!
    let me know what you decide xxxx
  • Well I came off my pill before and I never knew what my cycle was so I am thinking it will probably be the same again. We did plan this holiday so it coincided with the England matches as we are both keen on football and the atmosphere is always great on holiday. I don't mind the not being able to drink its the sickness if I am lucky to fall straight away after coming off my pill.

    I am thinking just go for it and see what happens. I will discuss with my OH tonight and see what he thinks. He is in the mind set that we will still have a great holiday even if I am pregnant... Shall keep you posted. Thanks for listening! xx



  • hey hun did u talk to ur oh, i would say go for it, xx
  • Hey hun..as t4n1 said did you speak to OH?

    I would go for it...if your anything like me...your AF may take some time to settle down. So you could always come off pill and be carefull tillafter hol, it sounds like it would not be a disaster to get pregnant but not ideal. i would come off the pill and be careful(ish) enjoy the holiday and what will be will be. But everyones different x
  • Well I am continuing with the original plan of finishing my pill on 29th April. I really think it will take ages to sort out my cycle but if I did fall pregnant it would definitely not be the end of the world and we would still have a fab holiday... :\)



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