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The 2nd/3rd/4th/5th+ time around thread!

Hi Ladies,

Thought this would be a good thread- not only for those of us who are already mummies but also for the 1st timers to get info from.

Just wondered what the already mummies are looking forward to this time around...

So, what are you most looking forward to about ttc/being pregnant/having a baby again?

What are you most worried about this time?

For me, I am dubious about ttc because my cycles are irregular and its so easy to get stressed by it. I'd love to take the relaxed approach and not use any opks etc but with an irregular cycle I think that would just lead to more stress. Of course I am looking forward to getting my BFP (PMA PMA).
Being pregnant I am looking forward to the anticipation of each scan and appointment- scans are wonderful and there's nothing like the feeling afterwards when you come out with your pic of your little baby. I am also looking forward to the time I will hopefully get to spend with the baby in hopsital once it's born...I know thats weird, but because I will most likely be having a section (had 2 previously) I will be in hopsital a few days and although its hard and I know I will miss my kids it will be my chance to bond with number 3 before he/she joins her/his brother and sister. I am also obviously looking forward to when we are all together when we come home, and we will hopefully be a completed family.

Also looking forward to seeing my dh with the baby- I have lovely memories of him first holding both of mine when they were so teeny. Its a tradition the first time he comes and visits us he buys a little present to the baby just from him. He brought my son a little teddy bear wearing an england shirt and my daughter a little cuddly dumbo.

Worries- I am worried about repeating my previous pregnancy problems- which are high blood pressure and SPD (pelvic problems). All I can really do is try and eliminate them as best I can by keeping as healthy as poss. I'm also worried because I had post natal depression and I am worried about all the hormones, postnatally and during pregnancy. Again, all I can do is get all the support possible and hope for the best!

Your turn ladies image



  • Great idea, will love reading these, gives me such a sense of anticipation image

  • great thread idea charlie! Think it's oing to make me even more excited though!!
    Right, where to start?
    I'm looking forward to my BFP and having that little secret, which only me and hubby know, I'm looking forward to telling dd and ds, the scans, telling MIL and SIL as I know they'll be so excited and if we can time it right, I can put the little scan pics in MIL birthday or easter card, and then watch her cry (in a nice way of course :lol: ), looking forward to feeling baby move and seeing it do the 'malteser' trick, watching my belly grow, arguing with hubby over names :roll: , going into labour (have very easy labours and births, so hopefully this one will be the same) seeing my baby for the first time (we won't find out this time either) so seeing what colour we have, can't wait to phone everyone and tell them sex, name, weight, bringing baby home to meet its big brother and sister and watching them dote on it like they do any other babies/toddlers they come into contact with, also looking forward to the house having that new born smell again.
    Not looking forward to the morning sickness/nausea i've suffered with in both pregnancies for at least the first 20 weeks, and also keeping my fingers crossed i don't suffer from SPD again and ending up on crutches - wasn't easy with a toddler, will be harder with unruly three and five year olds!
  • OMG..... Its making me even more broodier from reading these threads...... Im getting broodier by the minute!!
    I just cant wait to get my BFP and know there is a little baby growing inside me...then for scans and hearing the heartbeat..... and of course your growing bump!! Feeling baby move around.....
    I just love the whole pregnancy, Im lucky to have pretty straight forward pregnancies although like you charlie chalk I have had 2 sections, but the time in hosptial when its just you and baby bonding and getting to know one another...its all amazing there is nothing that compares to carrying a baby inside you for 9 months and then when they finally make an apperance and you meet them for the first time x x x WOW....
  • shay2 you just made me smile so much, thats lovely!

    I cannot wait, i am ttc my first image and its becoming obsessive every day. Had my best friend over tonight and she taught me how to knit, so i am ready to knit my babies first everything... i am so excited!
  • Oh exciting stuff!

    I can't wait to tell hubbie we have a BFP (I was still sat on the loo shocked last time hoping it might be a bit more romantic this time!)
    I can't wait for Max to feel lo kicking and to share pregnancy excitment (scans etc with him!)
    I can't wait to meet a new lo and discover all about them.
    Can't wait to breastfeed again.
    Can't wait to snuggle up with a new lo and just stare at them.
    Can't wait to see Max becoming a big brother - this is what is going to make it all new different and exciting this time around.
    Can't wait for the feel of that newborn head again!!!

    WORRIED - about prem labour again and SCBU and if we have to have SCBU and Max at home :cry: I hate the idea makes me feel sick!
    Worried about who will look after Max when I am in labour/hospital.
    Worried about any complications
    Worried about how the heck we will afford maternity leave this time around.

    I'll stop there or I'll talk myself out of it! image
  • Oooh loving this thread CC. This will be 2nd time round for me. I am excited about getting my BFP, and keeping it a secret for the first 12 weeks(hopefully morning sickness won't give me away at work) . Telling my dd the news and telling PIL, as I know they will be over the moon. I can't wait to see hubby and dd spoiling a newborn, I can imagine dd being a bossy boots, she will probably inisist she has to feed it and push its pram etc. I'm just going to relax and enjoy every second of this pregnancy.

    Things I am worried about are, dd not bonding with the newborn due to the age difference. Back ache and morning sickness. Hubby not having enough time to spend with us due to work. I'm also worried about coping with life and a newborn, I have no idea how I'm going to keep up my housework, dd's schoolwork/homework, hubby's business and my own work!! I have barely anytime as it is!!! xx
  • I cant wait for november then I will officially be TTC!!! Yeeeaah, counting down the days.....
    Rosemary are you ttc now? I know what you mean by it being obsessive.... and then when you come on here its so nice to be able to share your thoughts and feelings with other people that are in the same/simular situation, it really helps and is also a bit addictive!! lol

  • Looking forward to:
    - seeing my bfp
    - sonograms etc
    - going baby cloths /pram etc shopping

    I am worried about the cost of childcare. My mum lives in northern Ireland whereas I live in England but husband is one of eight so his mum will not be able to look after all the grand children; she is already looking after my two bil children. They also have another 2 on the way. I just worry that me and my husband will never get any us time. My sil said that there mum can not look after any more children, which is fair enough as she still has younger children of her own( youngest is 11). I just worry that i wont have any support. As even though i was an only child, my extended family was very close and I was very close to my great aunts and uncles and their great grandchildren.
  • .

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  • i am currently nagging on at my hubby for baby number 2!! he's slowly coming round now though!! yaaay!!

    we have a 4 nearly 5 year old and he would make such an amazing big brother!!

    i am looking forward to being pregnant again hopefully without the nausea???
    taking our dude to the scan and finding out the sex!!
    the baby movements inside
    and hopefully the easy labour and birth i had 1st time round.

    i no much more now than i did when i had my dude so hopefully it will be a better experience!!

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