Eeeeekkkk. Scary but exciting too!

Right this is planning to the nth degree (but that's what this forum's for, right?!), but hubby said something which has made me very excited this evening!
I've just collected my last 6 month pack of pills so will finish end May 2010 & then have 3 months clear before TTC.
We were chatting today about plans for next Xmas (2010) as I'd like to spend it at home. We're with my parents this year & had hoped we could stop alternating. But (sorry, getting to the point finally), hubby said he'd like to go to his parents a final time as it'll be our last one without a baby so 2011 we can spend our first Xmas at home as our own little family!!! Wow! Like I said, VERY forward planning but still super smiley moment!!
Happy Christmas everyone!


  • Oooh, there must be something in the water as my husband too said something quite similar over the weekend! He said that he would like to have next year's Christmas at home rather than going to visit family, as this might be our last chance to do it on our own before we have kids running about (or words to that effect). I am really hoping to be pregnant by next Christmas (well, preferably much before then!) so all being well I may be waddling round the house very fat or even actually have a very new baby if I am incredibly lucky (eek, don't want to jinx myself!) but it made me smile as it's nice to know he is thinking about it too image It's an exciting feeling isn't it? xx
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