Anybody else using KidStart?

I came across this in my first baby mag I bought that allows you to save and gives you cash back on certain websites for your unborn child or relations etc. You register cards that you use and it tracks your purchases and gives you cash back. Each site gives different %. This is the website:

Anybody else registered to it? I bought a couple of dresses from ASOS and have 15p in the savings already ha :\) I thought i might as well it all adds up as well as starting to put some money away each month into savings.


  • I've not heard of it but will have a look, every little helps!

  • It was actually ??2.04 I will receive as cash back from ASOS. They have Next, Asda, Argos and lots more retailers on line. I think it is a really good idea especially if you get family to register too. It is cash that isn't coming out of my own pocket it is from the retailers on line xx

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