Period approaching and feel pants


I know its silly we are not even TTC yet but I can feel all the syptoms of period coming and am feeling down about the fact I'm not pregnant -even though we have used contraception!

I worry if I'm like this now I'll be a driving myself crazy when we actually are TTC.

Ho Hum


  • Im the same Dolly, I posted not long ago about having all the pregnancy symptoms, but knowing I couldnt be. Initially it made me panic to think sycould be, but as the symptoms carried on I though I actually could be, and got really excited, until I came on yesterday and I was soooo gutted.

    Im looking forward to being at the TTC stage, but scared at the same time that i'll become so utterly obsessed and get really down by it all if it doesnt happen straight away!

    Its a scary, but exciting thing huh
    Dani x
  • Well it has only been 3 days since we officially started TTC and I am relaxed so far about it. I hope I can remain that relaxed even after a few month. I have a feeling I could possibly get obssessed though as I do have a bit of an OCD xx

  • I know what you mean Dolly - still waiting for my first proper period and because I'm waiting for it, I'm sure it's been the longest month so far! Normally it comes around so quickly!

    Off topic - is that a new kitty I spy shoegal?! VERY cute!!! xx
  • I hope I don't have to wait for ever for my first proper AF since my pill. I think that is when my obssession will kick in.

    racheybaby123 - It certainly is. I posted a load of pics on this thread:


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