Anyone trying to lose weight before TTC?

I'm doing WW and have lost 2 stone so far, have another stone to go which I aim to do by my birthday in Feb. Really want my body to be as healthy as possible for when we start TTC.

Anyone else trying to lose weight? Would love to hear some tips if anyone has got any, as I seem to have stalled recently!


  • Wow - well done on your loss. I guess its just being dedicated to it which means you get success. Must pull my finger out and try harder.
  • Hi Mrs Clayton. Well done on your weight loss, I lost just over one and a half stone earlier this year with ww, it was the only way for me cos the programme still allowed me to eat chocolate!! I found the closer I go to goal the harder it became, will power was never my strong point anyway!!. The meetings were really helpful to me - if I was wavering I found that staying for the meetings really motivated me and spurred me on. The other thing I did was to plan everything I was going to eat that day in advance, I used my tracker like an instruction manual so that at set times each day I knew what I was going to eat. The other thing I did was I always kept a ww chocolate bar and some raw carrot sticks in my bag for when I got a bit peckish, that way I wasnt tempted to run to the nearest shop for a wispa (oh why did cadbury have to bring them back lol!!!) The only other thing I did when things were tough was that I would give myself a day off once in a while as a treat and have a chinese or something. By not denying myself I fooled my head into not thinking I was on a diet!. Sorry this turned into a mamoth post, good luck and dont beat yourself up too much, you've done fab so far!
  • I know I've done well, and I had to buy a size 14 dress a couple of weeks ago (and I can't remember the last time I wore a size 14) but I lack serious motivation and think that because I have done well I deserve a break if you know what I mean?

    And I defo do not deserve a break because I still have more to lose!! My SIL started losing weight after me and has got to her goal weight by doing WW too, so that makes me feel inadequate and perversly makes me want to eat rubbish!

    Grahhhh I just need to have a sharp word with myself and snap out of this lethargy that has followed me around for the last couple of weeks.

    I CAN do this lol
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