Pregnancy straight after pill???

Hi ladies,
As you might have already read im not coming off the pill until june but am planning on ttc straight after my 'pill bleed' if you know what i mean...
was just wondering did any of you fall pregnant straight after coming off the pill?? starting my folic acid tomorrow im so excited!!!
cant wait till june/july babydust to you all


  • I fell pregnant whilst on the pill. I think the main reason for waiting until your first 'real period' is just so midwives don't get confused about the date of conception! Good luck my dear xx
  • I got pregnant first month of trying having come straight off the pill. I don't think anyone advises you to wait anymore because like pob24 said it is more to do with helping the dating process than anything. But I know a lot of women on here come off the pill early to allow their bodies to settle down - the pill can seriously affect your cycle so it can be a good strategy. I hadn't even thought of that and we just decided to start trying so I just came off and hoped for the best! And clearly it worked for me! It's a personal choice more than anything so just do what feels right for you.
  • I am in agreement with the ladies, its all to do with dates more than anything. Everyone is different some women wait whilst others go straight into TTC. You do what you feel is right your body will let you know.

    Good Luck
  • Hey, im going to disagree with the other ladies on this one...
    i fell preg straight after coming off the pill and mc at 8 weeks, and also 2 of my other friends got preg straight after coming off the pill....both of whom also sadly miscarried...
    My doctor then advised that it is best to wait at least one AF as otherwise it can have effects on the unborn baby and cause problems / abnormalities and lead to mc.
    Obv this is not always the case, as the other ladies above have had possitive experiences, but if i could turn back time i would, and maybe things could have been different.
    But it your choice so do what you feel is right for you.
  • a lot of fertility clinics now advise TTC within the 1st month of coming off the pill as its your most fertile time, some clinics prescribe the pill for 3 months to women having trouble conceiving in order to get that "rebound fertility" in the month when they stop taking it!!

    like the others say though, do what u feel is right 4 you n ur OH, good luck 4 june/july!!!

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