Dreams of twins!

My OH's Nana had a dream the other night that we had twins, a boy and a girl! There are twins in both sides of our families and even triplets in his side! OH's Mam dreamt names we would choose for boys and for girls. It just so happens we loved the girls name; Olivia but with a middle name we chose of Heidi or other way round.

Anyone else had any dreams??



  • Hi,
    G/c from due in oct, but my sister got told by a psychic a year ago that I would have twins, I was pregnant with 1 baby at the time so she ignored it. I got a BFP in January and we found out we're expecting twins and no real family history of them!! Perhaps your Nana has some psychic abilities!! Good luck with ttc, sending lots of twin dust your way xx
  • I suppose if you do want two children and one of each having twins is a good way of getting that; hard work though but would be great! Well OH's Mam went to see a psychic years ago and said that her son would meet someone with long dark hair and she would be the one and that one son would have 3 children and the other would have one of each so it definitely looks promising ha.

    Thanks :\) xx


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