Newbie here!! :)

Just wanted to say "hello"
My fiance and are discussing trying for baby number 2 next year at some point!!
So excitied! we already have one gorgeous daughter and she will be 3 in Feb!! :O can't believe she is almost 3!!!
Think once we get Christmas over and done with we will decide when we are going to start trying!!
A wee bit worried as I have heard that it can take a lot longer to concieve your second baby. We were very lucky first time around we fell pregnant in the first month of ttc.
I am also on YAYW. Looking forward to getting to know you all.

Kirsty + Paige


  • I'm a newbie too - also planning on trying for our first next year! I'm too excited about it already!
  • I'm new too!
    Want to get started in Jan and can't wait!
  • Hi, I'm another newbie! And as of today ttc so I suppose I aught to move boards already!
  • (Yet another) newbie - hello and best wishes!
  • Hiya ladies!!
    loads of us all starting on here the same day!!
    Not sure when exactly we are ttc it will either be the beginning of the year upto May or after july (sounds a bit weird but we cant have a Feb baby already have our daughter, our niece,h2b dad and a few others lol)
    Good luck with ttc ladies and lots of babydust!!
    Do any of you have children already or are you all ttc 1st baby?
  • This is our first (if you don't count the dog lol)
  • lol Mrs Clayton!! If you ever need any help or adnvice then I am always here, just ask away (I'm no expert mind you lol)
  • Hi!! I'm a newbie too, 2nd post wooooo!!

    Well I want to be TTC (1st child) but I'm still waiting for first AF after coming off the pill so feel like I'm never gonna actually get to do the BD and TTC! hopefully new year will be the time for us also!!

    Congrats on deciding to have your 2nd, tis v exciting!!

    I was also on YAYW, got married Aug 08 so left a while ago, it made me too sad thinking my big day was over!! Are you [planning your wedding atm??

    Hi fellow newbies!! xxx

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  • This will be our first too (again not counting the dogs, lol!) Exciting times!
  • Hello!

    This will be our first too! It is so exciting and I didn't realise how much it would start to take over my brain!
    It's really good to be on here and realise that other people are getting just as obsessed!
    We are starting TTC in January I hope!
    Mrs C x
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